While a cheap trip to Spain is great, if we are all really honest, we would love to occasionally treat ourselves to a bit of luxury. But, what really makes a luxury holiday? Well, here we are going to take you through what the different factors are that can make a great holiday into a fantastic one and what little things you can expect from a luxury getaway. For more information, be sure to carry on reading!

Having A Service Tailored to You

One of the biggest things that people love about having a luxury holiday is how the service is personalised and tailored to you. We would recommend that you take a look online at reviews of where you are thinking of staying and see how the staff are trained in treating their guests. At a luxury establishment, the staff should quickly be able to pick up on what it is that you like and who you are to make your experience that much better. This does not have to be anything major, it can be something as small as knowing what your drink of choice is at the bar.

What can make your experience fantastic is having someone there who does not just simply book the things that you want to do, but instead can offer guidance and advice to ensure that you have the very best possible experience you can get on your holiday. This could mean that instead of visiting a zoo you visit a local animal orphanage instead, which offers a much more exciting and up close personal experience.

It’s in the Little Things

What really gives you the sense that you are on a luxury holiday is the attention to detail that is placed on the little things. When you are booking activities through the hotel they should run smoothly and if there is an unexpected incidence that occurs, this should be dealt with quickly and efficiently so it does not impact your experience.  This can also be in that extra level of value that the staff provide you with to make your trip amazing.

Beautiful Design

Did you know that many luxury hotels will have their rooms follow an expertly drawn plan so that no matter what hotel you are staying in, you can enjoy the same quality experience in all of them? Any true luxury hotel will allow you to take in the culture of the destination that you are visiting, and instead of sticking out amongst this culture it will blend it nicely and enhance the area. Again, this also goes back to the little details too, such as artwork on the walls and gorgeous plants outside the hotel. This is one of the biggest things that you will remember and take away from the hotel, since no one is going to pay top dollar for something that is not beautiful in its design and oozes luxury.


Of course, a luxury hotel is normally still predominantly judged by the location that it is in. Let’s be honest, a luxury hotel in Magaluf is not going to be the same as a luxury hotel in Paris, now is it? The location is important as it could have an important historical background, such as the Amangalla in Sri Lanka. Or, it could be in a gorgeous rural setting, such as the Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia. Or, it could just be right in the middle of all the action. This really all comes down to personal preference, but the location should still have an air of luxury.

One of the most gorgeous luxury settings is the Greek island of Mykonos which is famous for its cosmopolitan culture. The Mykonos Villas here are the perfect setting for opulence and luxury. Whether you are looking to host a stylish party, have a memorable wedding, or just enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday, the Mykonos villas should definitely be on your list.  Really, what can make or break your luxury holiday is location, location, location.

Travel Philosophy

At the end of the day, what really makes a holiday luxurious is entirely up to you and this is down to personal preference for every traveller. For example, if you try to follow an environmentally friendly way of living, the Soneva resorts in the Maldives will be the perfect luxurious holiday for you as they use no plastic on their island accommodation. If on the other hand your idea of luxury is being immersed in history, then you may prefer other hotels that are built on history and character and that are far more than just places to stay.