If your partner is trying to quit smoking, there are a number of ways that you will be able to help. 

A large amount of success stories come from people that have someone there supporting them every step of the way. You play a huge role in helping them quit.

Here a few ways that you can help your partner if they’re suffering from a smoking addiction:

Tell them what you can see

There are two sides to every story.  What your partner says will be what they can see but as their partner, you will be able to provide another viewpoint.

Talk through any concerns you have with them.  It can be easy for a smoker to forget the damage it does not only to their own health, but to the people around them on an emotional level.

If you feel like you’re suffering from second-hand smoking or can’t stand the smell that smoking leaves behind, let them know.

For couples that are financially co-dependent, talk through how the cost of smoking adds up.  If you are having to go without because they require another pack, let them know.

The money that could be saved can be spent on a lovely holiday or experiences that will create long lasting memories.

Just be clear and tell them your side of the story. They may not know what their habit is really doing.

Help them find a smoking alternative

This is going to be one of the most effective steps you will be taking to get your partner free from smoking.

You need to find something that will help them cut down on the amount of nicotine as that’s what they’re addicted to in the first place.

One of the most effective methods is getting your partner to switch to e-cigarettes.

This is because they allow the nicotine concentration to be tailored to the addiction, making it easier to gradually reduce the amount as part of a quitting plan.

Not only that, vaping provides some much needed health benefits compared to smoking. The only ingredient is water vapour, meaning that there is no risk of developing heart disease or cancer.

Cigarettes have thousands of harmful chemicals so keeping your partner away will greatly improve their health.

Vaping has the added benefit that the taste is a lot nicer for a smoker due to all the flavours available, and for non-smokers, there is no horrible smell that gets left behind.

Dealing with your partner’s withdrawals

This is going to be a difficult part of the quitting process but once they get through it, it becomes a lot easier.

You may notice your partner becoming a lot more irritable during this period so it’s vital you remain patient.  If you snap at them, it’s not going to be doing anyone any favours.

Your partner’s behaviour overall will seem different a couple of days into quitting so keep them calm and reassure them that everything will be ok sooner rather than later.

If they get a craving for a smoke, distract them with something else. Come up with an activity that will take their mind off smoking. This may be a drive to the local park and a nice walk or something requiring a lot of mental effort. However, as a side note, don’t take them to places where smokers usually hang out like the local pub.

Reward their progress with a date night or buy them something that they’ve had their eye on for a while.  With the money being saved from not buying cigarettes, it will feel great.

Be encouraging and you will see your partner beat the addiction in no time.