We all know that taking care of ourselves, eating the right foods and getting enough exercise is the best way of keeping healthy. Occasionally we will come down with an illness such as the common cold or the stomach flu, but this is usually pretty easy to recover from and we can continue as normal. But did you know that some lifestyle factors could be seriously harming your health?

More often than not, you could be living among something that’s damaging your general health and have no idea until the effects begin to show. Take a look at these lifestyle factors that could be bad for your health without you knowing so that you can eliminate the dangers!

Your home

Believe it or not, your home could be damaging your health in many different ways. Look for signs of asbestos in your home. If you live in an older building, there’s a chance that asbestos could have been used in building your home. When the structure of asbestos isn’t compromised, it’s not dangerous to health. However, when it begins to break away, the particles of asbestos can cause some serious problems with your lungs and breathing. Asbestos has been the main cause of diseases such as COPD and late-onset asthma, and it has killed many people in the long run. Check for signs so that you’re not at risk.

Mould is another problem within the home that could be damaging your health. While you may think it’s harmless, the bacteria that lives on mould can make you more prone to catching viruses and other illnesses. People with asthma also tend to suffer more when they are exposed to mould in the home. If your property is prone to outbreaks of mould, it might be time to view properties that aren’t going to pose this problem. While mould is treatable fairly easily, if you’re getting constant outbreaks throughout the year, it might be an idea to find a place to live that isn’t going to damage your health.

Your job

It’s not uncommon to feel stressed out with your job from time to time. However, stress isn’t just as simple as feeling uptight and struggling to relax because the day’s events are swirling around in your head. Stress can in fact, cause many other symptoms such as an outbreak of psoriasis or eczema on the skin, hair loss, hair greying, loss or gain of appetite, problems with sleeping, and also joint pain.

While a difficult day will come from time to time, if you’re feeling stressed at even the thought of work, it might be an idea to begin looking for a new job. Perhaps you could look into starting a new career? Sometimes, a fresh start with something completely different can do wonders for your mental health.

Your pet

Around 10 per cent of the world’s population is allergic to common household pets such as dogs and cats. The malting of pet hair can irritate the nasal passage and also cause breathing problems. While we’re not suggesting that you get rid of your pet, having certain areas in your home where your pet isn’t allowed could make a massive difference to your overall health. So, if you were to say, stop your pet from entering your bedroom, you may notice your sleeping habits changing and you feeling much more refreshed in the morning. You should also speak to your doctor about some medication to help alleviate those symptoms.

Your habits

Finally, you already know that eating the right foods and avoiding drugs and tobacco will do your health the world of favours, but what about your other habits? Habits such as nail biting exposes the body to millions of different types of bacteria and dirt. You could be inadvertently exposing your body to illnesses that you could struggle to recover from. Avoid nail biting to prevent this from happening. Habits such as drinking alcohol can also be very damaging to the liver if you’re drinking over the recommended limit. Keep an eye on your intake to keep your health in tip-top condition.

Photo by Steven Pahel on Unsplash