When you own or manage a business, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure that your office or place of work is kept safe and secure. No matter whether you are in an office on a single floor or your offices cover a whole building, you need to ensure that all of your assets are as secure as they possibly can be to protect them. In your office, you most likely have a wide range of valuable items including; telephones, computers, cash and even office furniture, all of which can be very expensive. What’s more, there are many other things that you will need to keep safe under law. These include legal documents containing clients’ details, which can land you in serious trouble if you do not adequately protect them.

A strong security policy will protect your office from theft and it can save you money in the long run by keeping the cost of your insurance premiums low.

Every organisation will require different levels of security to ensure that it is kept safe. However, there are a few effective security measures that you should make sure you implement as a general guideline. Here, we are taking you through our top tips to keep your office safe and secure.

Are Your Locks Up to the Appropriate Standard?

A lock is one of the most obvious ways in which you can prevent someone from entering your property and so it has to, of course, be first on our list. However, when you are trying to keep your office as safe and secure as possible, you should ensure that they conform to British standards. Locks that conform to British standards will be rigorously tested and will offer your business the adequate protection that it needs. It is also important that you check your insurance policy as this may require you to have a certain type of lock. If you do not adhere to your policy, you may be putting your office insurance at risk.

Do You Have Lighting to Deter Burglars?

Did you know that 60 per cent of burglaries happen at night? This percentage alone should show you how important it is to have effective lighting installed outside your office as this can be one of the biggest deterrents for anyone who is thinking of stealing from you.  If a burglar is looking at your office as a potential place to steal from, then effective outdoor lighting can make them feel as though they are being put under a microscope and vulnerable to being caught. This will also allow those in the building, if you have security or CCTV, to more easily identify the culprit should your office unfortunately be broken into.

The type of lighting that you should install will be relative to a number of different aspects. This includes how high the risk is of your office being burgled, what security features you already have in place and the area in which your business is located, as well as some places being more high-risk than others. One of the most common types of security lighting to have installed outside office premises is passive infrared. If you are unfamiliar with this type of lighting, essentially this will be activated when a person comes into its area of vision. What people really love about it is how cost-effective it is to have installed, as it will help to keep your office safe without breaking the bank.

Do you Have Effective CCTV Installed?

The most effective way that you can protect your office from burglars and keep it safe and secure is through effective wireless CCTV camera installation. This is a huge deterrent factor and combined with effective lighting and locks, this is the ultimate trio to ensure your office’s security. Before you have a wireless CCTV system installed, you should figure out exactly where you should be placing these cameras to ensure that they are going to be as effective as they can be and that there is enough lighting to see exactly what is going on. We would always recommend that you invest in a professional company to help you set up wireless CCTV at your office. Getting CCTV for your office from a reputable company will ensure that you get the very best technology available and that you will be compliant with current laws and regulations.

Is Your Alarm System in Good Working Order?

Most offices will have an alarm system in place, but have you checked it recently to see if it is in good working order? This is something that you should check right away and if you do not have one, then this is something that you should seriously consider installing. This is a significant deterrent for anyone looking to steal from your office and some can even be set up to alert the police should someone try to break in. Other types of systems can be installed with a two-way voice intercom where you will be alerted and immediately connected should your alarm system be set off. You can then quickly alert the police of any intruders.

Lock Away Legal Documents

If you own a business in which you deal with the private details of clients, then you are responsible for keeping their details safe and secure and ensuring that they do not fall into the wrong hands. The loss of confidential documents can end up being the downfall of your business and so it is vital that you do not become complacent with this.  Any sensitive information in your office should be kept away in a locked cabinet and, if you can, it is a good idea to back up any important documents with virtual copies.

Keep Cash Locked Away

As well as keeping any important documents locked away in cabinets, you should also ensure that you never keep any cash lying around. Any cash that your business takes should be locked away safely and we would always recommend that you keep it in a Eurograde safe which is approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors. If you are unfamiliar with Eurograde, this is essentially a standard set out across Europe measuring how burglar-proof your safe really is. This will ensure that you keep any cash in your office as safe and secure as it possibly can be.

Keep Laptops Locked

Finally, you may not be aware, but laptops are often one of the items that are specifically targeted by burglars. A laptop lock is the perfect way to overcome this. This is a metal cable which attaches onto your laptop and is then securely attached to something that cannot be moved in your office. Think of a bike lock and this is similar to a laptop lock! These are very low cost and easy to fit, so if your office has any highly valuable equipment that is portable, keeping it locked is absolutely vital.

Implement our top tips today to ensure that your office is kept safe and secure.