Every business owner and solopreneur finds that there is simply not enough time during the day to get everything done. No matter if you are running a one-man band or are trying to manage remotely, or using office workers; you need to make sure that you remain competitive and make the most out of the latest developments of technology.

There are hundreds of productivity apps and software available for various platforms online and it is hard to choose the one that does exactly what it says on the box. Below you will find a list of a few that will make your life as a business owner easier.

1.  Asana

One of the most popular productivity tools, Asana can help you manage large and complicated projects at ease. If you are managing teams, tasks, and allocating jobs to different people in your organization, you might like the simple setup of Asana. You can set a deadline for each project phase, monitor processes, completion, and delegate tasks. You can set goals and follow-up your progress, too. If you sign up, you will get a free trial and pay $9.99 after each month.

2.  Evernote

12 Productivity Apps To Use If You Want To Improve Your Business

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If you are involved in networking or are carrying on with education, you will want to have a simple way of taking notes and remembering important information. This is exactly what Evernote does. You will be able to create task lists, notes, mind maps, and work smarter by being able to search different notes. If you are in the creative industry and are trying to get your app development project off the ground, you will have to try this simple to use tool. Stay organized and focused.

3.  Docusign

If you would rather get your customers to sign up for your services remotely and want to save money on posting contracts, you can use Docusign to send important documents and get them electronically signed. This app will work with your Google account and make your life much easier when you are in a rush to get things done and don’t want to follow up clients or hand-deliver different documents. This app can make compliance much easier.

4.  OneNote

This Microsoft app will help you take notes on your laptop or Windows-based phone. If you are meeting clients and don’t want to turn up with a shabby notebook, you can use this app to gather information and organize what you know. You can use the app during brainstorming meetings at the office, or when you are listening to a podcast online. OneNote will make learning new things and organizing information easier thanks to its simple user interface.

5.  Todoist

If you keep on losing your list of things you must do, chances are that you will need to digitize your priorities and create reminders. You can use the app on your laptop or phone and get reminded of the deadlines, add notes, priorities, and mark them as completed. If you are in internet marketing or would like to create a sales funnel to market your small business, you can create a content and publishing schedule, so you keep on top of your tasks. It is easier to keep an eye on the things you have to do if you have the list in front of you.

6.  DropBox

While not as popular as it used to be when first launched, due to the competition from Google Docs and Google Suite, this service is still great if you would like to collaborate with your team members and share documents online safely. You can get a business account that gives you different access settings, larger storage, and other useful tools, so you can send and receive files without having to worry about security and privacy.

7.  Google Suite

The main competitor of most document sharing apps, Google Suite is getting better and stronger every year. With a competitive pricing of just a couple of dollars, you cannot go wrong when you sign up to this service. The good news is that the system integrates with your phone, your Google Mail and other services, and you can add team members so you are restricting access to some of the documents. Google Suite is also available on various mobile devices.

8.  Mint

If your greatest challenge is to keep an eye on your finances and keep your cash flow going, chances are that you can improve your business and your productivity by getting Mint. You can get daily and weekly income and expenditure charts delivered on your phone, so who needs accountants? If you would like to know whether or not the check cleared or you got paid by your customers, you can keep an eye on the business account. You might also consider adding other accounting services to manage your books, such as QuickBooks.

9.  IFTT

Are you tired of hanging out on social media just to engage with your market? You want to work smarter instead of harder. Thanks to IFTT, you can organize all your apps, automate different actions, and even get yourself reminded to take an umbrella. Collecting information from various apps, this tool will reduce your screen time without making you feel disconnected from technology and other apps.

10.   Slack

12 Productivity Apps To Use If You Want To Improve Your Business

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If your business involves managing remote teams, you absolutely need the web-based Slack. You can add different access levels to various documents, assign jobs, get two team members to collaborate, initiate internet calls, or simply send out broadcast messages and training to your workers. You can save time and money on performance management and project development by implementing Slack in your business model. Slack allows you to create different teams and roles, assign control and supervisory roles, and even track time.

11.  Expensify

If giving out individual quotes for customers takes up too much of your time, chances are that you would benefit from Expensify. You will be able to  calculate every expense related to running your business, so you can determine the cost of each project based on the time demand. You will never lose money on an incorrect quote again. If you manage people who use their cars to get to customers, you can add them to your account, so they can submit their individual expenses, too. The main benefit of Expensify over expense calculation software is that you can see everything in a graph format, which is much easier to interpret than the numbers alone.

12.  Zoom

If you would like an alternative to Skype, you might want to check out Zoom. Using a hosted technology, Zoom gives you much better quality and resolution. Moreover, you can set up a video conference with up to 25 people. Whether you would like to train your remote team without distractions or hold a webinar, Zoom will have the right package available for your business needs. Save time and money on travelling and engage with your employees, prospects, or customers using Zoom.

If you are struggling with managing your own productivity or your team’s and don’t want to employ a full-time administrator to give you the important metrics of your business, you can use the latest apps to get things done faster and engage with your remote teams. The cost of getting these apps is much lower than getting a full business suite, and they are easy and fun to use, as well. Whether you are the owner of a roofing company and would like to track the expenses of projects or a solopreneur who wants to prioritize his tasks, there is an app for that.

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