The government has today published their Brexit no deal advice and the result is grim for the next generation. The Scottish and Welsh governments are right, a no deal Brexit is unacceptable.

It should be Theresa May’s first priority to ensure that negotiations are concluded and a deal is reached before the UK leaves the EU. The release of the no deal Brexit scenario shows the shocking impacting leaving the EU without a deal will have on us, the next generation.

  1. Erasmus Programme:

One of the biggest factors affecting young people in regard to the Brexit negotiations would be the Erasmus Programme. As the Erasmus programme is run by the European Union, a no deal Brexit could immensely affect the programme. More than 200,000 Brits have studied or worked on the Erasmus Programme. In 2012 alone, there were 15,000 students. If Brexit results in a no deal a lot of students in the UK would be negatively affected by the outcome as the programme would be cut, disappointing lots of young British citizens. Not to mention the billions that British universities will lose in research funding…

  1. No deal Brexit could affect young people’s travel:

Many young people are already worried that a no deal Brexit will affect their holidays and trips abroad. The advice warns people that it would be beneficial for young people to only book a holiday that allows cancellations. It also proposes that a no deal Brexit would mean increased prices when booking holidays. On health insurance cards, the advice states that this will be decided at a later date, when a deal had been finalised.

  1. Companies will have to stockpile drugs:

The government released advice to local business in regard to the possibility of a no deal Brexit result. For pharmaceutical companies, this involves them having to ensure they have six weeks’ worth of stock in their stores. This could affect young people who use medicines from the European Union. Mr Hancock (Health secretary) has said that this was ‘necessary’ for pharmaceutical companies to do. It is of vital importance that the health the young people in Britain is not affected by the result of the Brexit negotiations.

  1. Credit card payments to EU to be increased:

If there is a no deal Brexit card payments will increase, this could further increase the cost of Uber for instance. This is due to the UK uber journeys being processed through their European Headquarters in the Netherlands. For young people, Uber is commonly used, this price increase would greatly impact us. The government has not yet declared by how much these card payments will be increased by.

  1. Brits living in the EU could lose access to their bank accounts

It was also announced that Britons living in the EU could lose access to their bank accounts. These young people could face increased costs and slower processing times for euro transactions. This will cause many inconveniences to young Brits living in the EU. It is also said to affect the ability to access lending and deposit services and insurance contracts. This will cause major issues to those living in the EU. These claims further emphasise the importance of Theresa May finalising a deal with the EU, as the consequences that have been predicated already are immense.

When speaking to the Chief executive of My Life My Say, Mete Coban said:

‘We believe that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would be catastrophic for our generation who are already finding it difficult with the rising cost of living and house prices. Young people want a close relationship with the EU and it is for that reason that we urge the Government to avoid a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and to put forward a Brexit deal that works for future generations’.

If we end up with a no deal Brexit, then it will be us, the younger generations who will have to face the long-term consequences. Despite many of us still being unable to vote since we where not 18 when the referendum took place.

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