Managing your team can be a time-consuming and stressful process.  It’s up to you to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, and to identify any improvements that can be made within the processes in general.  If you have a team that’s working effectively, it can be a great driving force behind the growth of your business.

Introduce Health Perks

If you have a healthy team, they will be much more productive in general.  There are lots of ways in which you can do that.  You can offer them online healthcare, so they have 24/7 health support.  That’s not as expensive as what you would first think — and will mean that they can get any illness diagnosed and treated quickly, making them much more effective in their jobs. You could also offer them private health insurance, and make sure that you give them any time off they need to address any health issues.  This could in turn actually save your company money too, as there will be less absences.

Make their Overall Wellbeing a Priority

A happy team makes for an effective team — and they will be much happier if you look after their wellbeing.  Again, there are lots of ways you can do this too.  Some organisations go as far as to have a life coach available at their office at certain days and times so the employees can discuss any issues they may have.  It can help deal with things such as stress management and anxiety.  Some companies also introduce such things as having masseurs visit the office on a regular basis to reduce stress levels.

Create Good Relationships Between Team Members

If you have a good atmosphere between team members, then they are much more likely to be effective in terms of their work. A good way to do this is to host regular team meetings to brainstorm ideas, or to do something more informal such as team-building days. That way you can take them out of the office environment and get to know them in a different way — and they can learn to work together more effectively.  Building trust within your organisation is a great way to get your team to want to work well for you and do a good job.

Create a Project Management Process

Making sure your processes are running as well as they should be, is an essential part of making sure your team is running effectively. There are lots of different project management software tools available. The Kanban software is one great example.  This is essentially a visualisation software that allows you to track every part of a process.  When you integrate business rules into Kanban software, it means that all of the processes you already have in place will be automated, as well as any activity and dependencies.  This means that you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Have Regular Staff Appraisals

Keeping on top of your team in terms of their progress and development is incredibly important in making sure that they are effectively doing their job.  Staff appraisals allows you to identify where there are areas for development and improvement which is essential when it comes to growing your business.  It’s also a chance for your team to voice any issues or concerns they may have, and for you to react quickly.  You should make sure that you book these in regularly, and that you are always looking to improve your team.

Hire the Right Staff

Of course, all of the above is much easier when you hire the right staff in the first place.  Make sure you have an effective recruitment process in place to make sure you have the right people for the job.  This could be anything from making sure the job description you put out is detailed enough with everything that is expected of them, to ensuring that you ask each candidate the same interview questions to allow you to make a decision fairly.  It’s also a good idea to test any prospective candidates a little if you have a role that requires a certain skill. Make sure you cross-check any qualifications or experience that they list to make sure it’s accurate.

Making your team as effective as it can be can have a great effect on the success or failure of your company.  It’s important that you put the correct measures in place so that you get your decisions right from the start, as well as knowing how to monitor them in the best way possible.