Soooo … It’s been six months since I last produced anything of interest. In fact, it’s been that long since I last bothered to pick up a pen and jot down even a single note about politics — the topic that I have spent years debating.

Often, when a writer disappears or stops producing content, there is a reason … and yes, in my case, there most certainly is. Now, I’m not taking aim at my colleagues and I’m not attempting to ignite a flame that’ll turn into a Shout Out UK forest fire, or anything like that. However, after four years of involvement with this mighty platform, I have come to realise that my generation is comprised, primarily, of pansies.

Corbynites, feminists, SJW’s … Liberal nutcases, left, right, and centre!

Now, while this may sound like a criticism — which it most certainly is — I am in no way, suggesting that it is a bad thing. For those of us who find ourselves occasionally demotivated by the political climate itself, it spurs us on and brings us out of our writing coma.

And so, without further ado, you and I, dear reader, must discuss the current failings of my generation. Or, perhaps, the current illogical views; lack of comprehension and utter ignorance. Let’s do it like a checklist — everybody likes a bullet point or two.

Liberals versus Racism!

It’s ironic, the above line, don’t you think …? Because let’s be honest, bullets aren’t the issue; it’s bloody knives! Literally. Knife crime is soaring, especially in London, among my age group — because they’re bored, apparently. Unfortunately, the ethnicity that tends to participate in the old stabbing sessions, are black youths — white youths prefer theft of bicycles if my life experience is anything to go by, and we all know what certain Muslims prefer to do!

Now, there is a reason why there has been a rise in knife crimes, as well as every other crime that involves any sort of weapon, in London. It’s that fabulous fellow, Sadiq Khan. Back in 2015, he fought to stop the Met Police from performing stop searches — because when black people were stopped and searched, white Liberals cried like the pansies that they are.

Thanks, guys — and girls, and any other gender classification that may read this and be offended by their lack of inclusion!

Liberals versus Freedom of Speech!

Yeah, that heading sounds shocking! ‘A liberal opposing freedom of speech, you say? What?!’

See, Liberal millennials and those who are a tad older than the given bunch have an annoying tendency to cry about the importance of freedom of speech. There’s a catch though … they are only interested in it if it allows them to voice their own opinions. Opposing opinions can go and die, for all they care. What’s also interesting is the fact that they use their freedom of speech battle-cry to have their opposition silenced. A prime example being the use of the word ‘Islamophobic’:

Employed when battling a human who has a criticism of Islam, in an effort to shut down any truths and drown out the sound of realism.

Ultimately, it is a word that was created by fascists and is used by cowards to manipulate morons. Ironic, then, that a liberal would be using it, eh? Silly billies!

Liberals versus their Existence!

So, uhm … if you’ve ever read my articles before, or if you know me, you’d know that I believe in telling the truth, as I and every fundamental Muslim sees it, about Islam … So, time for another reality check, Mr Liberal!

You promote diversity and multiculturalism and you cry when intellectuals criticise Islam, because you feel that it is rude. Whereas Muslims will openly state that the intellectuals are correct in what they say about Islam and the Islamic Caliphate idea.

You are quite literally endorsing the growth of an ideology that, even in its holy book, states that people like yourself should suffer at the hands of Muslims. This is why groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hammas, etc., exist, and persist in attempting to kill off non-Muslims.

Why the hell do you get upset if somebody with a brain states that they, perhaps, aren’t all necessarily as friendly as they seem?

If you don’t believe, why not Google or YouTube Imam Tahwidi, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or any other whistleblowing Muslim. Or better yet, research why Ahmadiyya Islam came into existence! All of those suggestions will change your perspective on Islam as an ideology — if they don’t, you shouldn’t be commenting on current affairs or pursuing a career in media. You’ll negatively influence too many people!

Liberals versus Great Britain!

Yeah, that one is serious as well, sadly. The BBC recently produced a programme that lined a skinhead, wrapped in an England flag and a British Muslim, who happens to be the most anti-host country professor ever, in a head-to-head clash on whether the English flag should be removed from society, and even changed.

Why? Because it offends British Muslims.

This is something that British liberals allow to happen and openly endorse in an effort to appease minorities and people who oppose the existence of Great Britain as the entity that it currently is.

You endorse the allowance of Sharia within England because Muslims state that they would like to implement it within our society. Do you think that, if you travelled to the Middle East or Pakistan, the populations would allow you to set up a segregated, Western society with its own Christian laws within their capital cities?

Uh, no. They still publicly punish and sometimes kill off Christians over there — and homosexuals, and women who were raped, and just about anybody else that does anything that Allah or Muhammad wouldn’t have been fond of, nearly 2000 years ago.

And that’s only one scenario.

A Rough Summary!

So, listen. I don’t hate Liberals, and I would certainly fight for their right to exist. However, I will say that if you can’t see a correlation between certain texts that are read by a certain group of people, which are then acted upon by that group of people, you probably shouldn’t be contributing to any form of politics.

Because let’s be honest, those Right-wing politicians that liberals love to scorn and criticise so much, what do they all have in common?

That’s right! An inability to use logic and reason.

You’re all very quick to endorse the idea that they should step down, and you’re all about getting what’s right for society — and lying politicians are one thing that you all seem to hate because they fail to speak the truth about important matters.

So, tell me then: why do Liberals do the same?

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