Do you have an ugly home that you need to sell quickly? Ugly houses may not be the ones that attract the most traditional home buyers, but there is a market for your unattractive property. You’ll need a buyer who can see past the cosmetic issues your home has and see the potential. Here are some ways you can help make your ugly house sell even faster.

Lower the Price

No matter how great your home’s systems and structures are, the way it looks is hugely important to potential buyers. Homes that don’t have a lot of curb appeal can’t compete with other gorgeous homes unless the price is adjusted. Check out the price points for similar homes in your neighbourhood and then go lower. Lowering the price from the start can help your home seem like a bargain investment instead of a burden. This way, your ugly house has a chance of becoming beautiful once again.

Be Honest

It’s also important to be upfront and honest about your property when going through the home selling process. If your property has problems, disclose these issues from the beginning before offers are made or inspections happen. Home buyers may not appreciate finding out surprises when they’re close to finalizing a contract. Then, the buyers may back out and have you back at square one trying to attract potential people to look at your property. Instead, have information ready to go when people tour the home that details any issues, cosmetic or otherwise. Or, go with a company that advertises itself with slogans like, ‘We buy any house‘.

Highlight Features

Even if your home doesn’t look good, there may be other features your property has that make it a good investment. If you have recent updates that help make your home more energy efficient or larger, be sure to advertise these features. If one room in your ugly home has been remodelled, be sure to take plenty of pictures of it to help attract traditional buyers or investors. Help them see the value in the property and understand why it’s a good investment.

Clear Everything Out

Another way you can help an ugly house seem more attractive is to clear as much out as possible. In this situation, it may be best to go with a completely empty property so buyers can envision their own updates for the property. Clear out all furniture, personal possessions, and trash to make your home look a little bit better. Companies that say, ‘We buy homes‘, may be willing to take your ugly, cluttered property as is.

Talk Up the Neighbourhood

An ugly property may not be the best investment for a buyer unless it’s the most inexpensive home in a great neighbourhood. Another way to help move your ugly property into the sold column is to focus on the great neighbourhood. Your ugly house may be in the best school district in the state, so be sure to talk about this. This information may help bring in more buyers for your home.

Make It Sparkle

Finally, even if you can’t make your home look gorgeous, you can at least make it clean. Take the time to do a deep clean of the entire property so dirt and grime don’t negatively impact the potential investment vision for buyers. Or, hire a professional to clean your home and help it shine even more. A dirty, ugly home is even harder to sell as a great property investment.

You can get your ugly house sold very fast if you focus on a few specific tasks in and around your property. Tackle these projects to help you get back the money you’ve put into an ugly property and help you move on to another home pronto.