While I walk around Labour Party conference 2018, one thing is clear … Brexit does not mean Brexit here. With roughly 9 out of every 10 Labour members wanting a Peoples Vote, the discussion is not over for Europe’s’ largest party.

Labour have changed party policy on Brexit several times, it was debated on conference floor and at fringe events, one of which I attended last night. With Brexit being riddled by empty rhetoric, shallow comments, lies and disillusion, it was interesting and refreshing to see a renewed call for clarity and debate. All the speakers, touched on many Brexiteer arguments, so we thought we’d compile six of the most common — and their replies:

Brexiter Argument #1: The EU has done nothing, but cost us money!

The MP Luciana Berger reminded us during the conference that ‘… Liverpool was saved by the EU during our national government’s austerity’. Which is no understatement, from Queen Square and the transport system, to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, it was all EU funded. Over 17 projects funded by the EU, had a direct impact on Liverpool alone. This does not include the many other infrastructure projects funded by the EU across the UK.

Brexiter Argument #2: We had a Peoples Vote in 2016! #RespectTheVote

If we are going to keep count, then we should count properly. The first EU referendum happened in 1973, the second in 2016 … . However, regardless of this fact, MEP Richard Corbett said it best:

‘If in a democracy you don’t have the ability to reconsider, we cease to be a democracy…’.

Brexiter Argument #3: Leaving the EU will reduce migration which is costing our economy

This myth was handled by the leader of @NHSvBrexit, a campaign led by doctors and nurses in the NHS arguing for a people’s vote. He stated that European migrants to the UK contribute £2,300 more a year to the country than the average British citizen. That’s about £78,000 over a lifetime! This was confirmed by the Migration Advisory Committee.

Brexiter Argument #4: Leaving the EU will support the NHS

First off, it is important to note that their will be no Brexit dividend. This was untrue. Their will be no £300 Million going to the NHS. This was untrue. The leader of @NHSvBrexit also stated that although we only have about 5 per cent of migrants from the EU in the UK, they make up about 10 per cent of our doctors.

Brexiter Argument #5: Brexit will open the UK up to the world

One of the more interesting arguments made by Brexiters. As you’d think, being part of an economic block which trades with the rest of the world and allows for free movement would be the exact meaning of ‘open the UK to the world’… However, putting that a side for the moment, Femi from Our Future Our Choice, said that:

‘It’s our birthright to live and work in multiple countries … Brexit is stealing that right’.

It’s easy to see where he is coming from considering that the EU gave all British citizens the ability to travel and live across almost a whole continent. Brexit will confine us to the island, especially considering that the major global trade deals which where supposed to happen post-referendum seem nowhere to be found — apart from the USA’s chlorinated chicken, in exchange, for NHS access deal … which doesn’t seem like much of a win. Especially, when you consider that the Trump administration has openly said that they will force the NHS to pay more for drugs, so that US citizens pay less.

Brexit Argument #6: Brexit means we will not be dictated to by a foreign court or organisation

This is wildly inaccurate in almost all cases. Especially when the EU is supranational, meaning above the state. Hence, it’s not a foreign court or organisation, as we are also a part of it (for now of course). That said, if we entertain the idea for a minute … is that such a bad thing? To have another layer of scrutiny over our government’s actions, considering the UK Government’s current record when it comes to privacy, surveillance, arms sales etc?

Femi from Our Future Our Choice gives a clear example of this as he talked about his work in the Middle East. The arms trade has had a devastating effect on these countries — while at the same time, the EU was attempting to stop European countries from selling to certain regimes. Femi says:

‘the #EU provides moral safeguard’s.

Regardless of how you voted, it is clear that the debate is not over. Democracy is about change, constant change, and considering the amount of misinformation that came out of the second Brexit referendum in 2016, I don’t blame Labour members for wanting a third attempt, or #PeoplesVote on the final deal. As Femi said: ‘Northern Irish citizens were given a full copy of the Good Friday Agreement before the referendum’, so they knew what they where agreeing to before they agreed to it.

Don’t we deserve that same courtesy?

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