The change in season is always a great time to reflect on your life, and to begin thinking about how things in the future can change. Whether you’ve had the best summer and want to keep up the great work, or your summer didn’t go to plan, and you’re ready for something new; there’s no time like the present to make updates. The new autumn season is also a time for you to have a fresh start, make positive changes and get on track with new plans and ideas. However, an overindulgent hot-weather period, sunny weather, and various other situations associated with the past few months can make changes and fresh starts very challenging as the cold weather draws in.

There’s a lot of pressure to do things differently after New Year’s day, and you might feel overwhelmed and unmotivated when you reach that point, so why not get on track now, and save yourself the trouble when January rolls around?

Now is an ideal time to start listing the things you’d like to achieve in the future so that you can progress and move forward. Get your notebook ready and write down some achievable goals; start with the bigger goals in mind, and work out smaller ones along the way that will help you get there.

Setting yourself manageable weekly achievements will help to encourage you to push forward. Most importantly, you don’t need to wait until the 1st of January to begin your journey; start today. Put into practice the little changes that will contribute to your ideal bigger picture. If you’ve already started taking action towards your goals; the future will seem far less daunting, and you can simply continue in a positive manner. The following are some areas to consider regarding your seasonal resolutions and some ideas for those who want to make changes for a positive impact on the rest of their year ahead.

Why Wait For The New Year: Make Your Life Changes TODAY


Money Matters

Whether you’re enjoying student life, or you’ve got yourself a job, If you’re unhappy with the state of your finances; it’s time to make some serious decisions as soon as possible. Don’t wait until autumn. The festive period will be over before you know it and you would have spent a lot of your hard-earned cash; take action now. Think about your next move. You might not have the chance to do anything until the new year as many companies wind down for the season, but you can begin to look into any training and development that will help you move up the ladder at work. Start adding to your CV and make sure that it’s explaining who you are and what you can bring to a business or role; you’ll be able to start looking for work opportunities straight away, and when something of interest comes up, your resume will be ready.

If money and income are a worry; work out your monthly budget today so that it’s in order in time for the future to prevent struggling with debt all the time. Try to cut down on unnecessary spending, and work out ways to save cash on essential items. If you need more expensive items for study or work, like a laptop, it’s worth waiting for some of the upcoming online sales; black Friday will be here before you know it! You’ll be able to get the same item for a fraction of the cost and may only need to wait a week or two more.

Also, take some time now to figure out if you’re able to get a better rate on your interest rates, insurance costs, and energy bills. Most people will be focusing on other things at this time of year, so companies will be competing for your custom. Therefore, utilise price comparison sites so that you can make an informed decision and switch to a better deal on your bills, phone, and any car or home insurance.

Why Wait For The New Year: Make Your Life Changes TODAY


Healthy Choices

The sooner you tackle your health, wellbeing, and fitness, the better. You might be in full swing of student life, or working you way through a fresh career, but you’ll soon burnout if you don’t look after yourself. There’s no use in waiting for the future to change; you’ll only strengthen any detrimental habits and it will be harder to get into a healthy way of life. Whether you want to build some muscle, improve your diet and fitness, or quit unhealthy habits; it’s a smart choice to do your research into the ways in which you can best reach your goals. Do things in stages; cold turkey or baptisms of fire are usually short-lived and you won’t be able to sustain your new lifestyle choices for very long. Therefore, a sure and steady approach is always best for longevity, and great results.

Any habits that are detrimental to your health, lifestyle, and wellbeing, will probably mean that you need to seek professional advice, so get help when needed and take things one step at a time.

Don’t focus on the bad; focus on today and what you can do differently. Pretty soon, you’ll get into the swing of things and will have made a significant start when the new year finally does arrive. It’s worth talking to someone, and discovering the resources that are available to you, especially if money is tight. Your GP can point you in the right direction of counselling, and you can begin working on your mental health and wellbeing if you’re struggling a little. There are also loads of resources online that can assist you with cheap and free ways to exercise, not to mention the countless recipes available, that make eating healthily a breeze.

Why Wait For The New Year: Make Your Life Changes TODAY


Support Systems

If you want to strengthen certain relationships in your life; what better excuse to begin rebuilding and working on them than a fresh start?

Stop putting off speaking to people, and pick up the phone or pay them a visit this weekend. Time is precious, so don’t waste it being angry and upset with those you love; go and build bridges so that you can continue to do so in the future. The same goes for romantic relationships; starting a conversation is the best way to get to know someone and begin a journey together.

Whatever you want to achieve in life; you have plenty of time now to set the wheels in motion. Starting today will mean a more productive tomorrow, and will lead you into a successful and happy year ahead.