Are you feeling isolated and want to find your classmates? Well, you may be at school to learn new things and gain knowledge. However, it is also important to make new friends, interact with others, and step towards a progressive and successful future along with them. Saying hello to your classmates is not enough; if you are serious about finding new friends, then the following tips will be great for you.

Join the community of students

According to, networking in college or university can get you some good friends in a short time. Where do I start? This question might strike your mind, and the best answer is to join the community of students and connect with your classmates. Every school, college and university has communities of students where you can easily gain entry and begin the conversation with your mates. It will allow you to meet new people and develop an understanding of the environment of your institution.

Attend events regularly

One of the best networking tips for college students is to attend events regularly. Doing so, you will not only be able to interact with your classmates but also get to know your teachers more closely. Do not forget to let them know about your presence by participating in the event personally. If possible, present a topic before the participants of the event to win their hearts in no time.

Begin a study group mentions that if you want to meet your classmates, then you can begin a study group. Invite them to join you in this group and encourage them to help you during the studies. There are different options to begin study groups: you can invite them to your home or ask them to join you in the library during the day. It is a common observation that students waste a lot of time in study groups. Instead of concentrating on their studies, they spend the whole day talking about love, teachers, music and celebrities. Such study groups are unproductive, so you should make sure that the study group you initiate helps you to learn new things and expands your knowledge. In between, you will get a chance to speak to everyone and make new friends.

Introduce yourself to everyone

The first day at school or college is when you can leave an impression on everyone by introducing yourself confidently. There is nothing to worry about if you have missed the chance; you can introduce yourself to the classmates and the teacher anytime during the week. However, you should not delay it more than a week since it will leave a bad impression on the entire class, and your classmates will consider you an arrogant and rude student, leaving you behind and ignoring the opportunity to make you a friend.

Add the classmates on social media

It is a great way to know your classmates; you should add all of them or at least a few of them on your social media profile. For this purpose, you should go to them and ask about their Facebook and Twitter IDs. Chances are, some of them will hesitate to share their profile IDs, so you can share yours to build trust and confidence. Once you add them on social media, you should talk to them about studies and share posts on friendship, tagging the classmates and letting them see that you really need a good friend and want to get close to them.

Become a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer does not mean you should join an NGO or a social welfare organization. In fact, you are to learn how to help your classmates and teachers. Try to speak to everyone politely and show humbleness, even when the situation is out of control, or you’re out of the competition. There is no need to create a mess for anyone in the class. Instead, you should show friendly and courteous behaviour to encourage them to be your friends during and after the class.

Participate in discussions

Last but not least, you can participate in class discussions. For example, if the classmates are talking about the teaching style of your teacher, you can participate in that discussion and share your own ideas and thoughts without getting worried about what others will feel or think about you. However, during the discussions, you should not cross your limits and say anything damaging about the teacher or the class fellows. Just learn to follow the simple rule to give respect and take respect, and things will turn out just fine.

With these tips in mind, anyone can make good friends at school or college. However, it is not a day’s work so you will have to spend some time with your classmates to know more about their tastes and mentality, and then decide where to get started.