Working full-time has a lot of benefits. There’s the extra income, of course, as well as a flora of perks in terms of insurance and sick leave that many part-timers are simply not able to enjoy. It makes little sense to struggle like this when most people who work part-time do so because they have other obligations as well.

When you’re straight out of college, it may be difficult to find full-time work — and many fresh graduates need to take up more than one job. Others have the responsibility of caring for their parents or family members or raising children — and working full-time is not a realistic option.

Luckily, there are ways to take advantage of some perks even as a part-timer as long as you know about them. Here is a handful of tips on staying financially sound when you’re not able to work nine-to-fve, so that you can still enjoy a predictable and stable week.

First: Consider what you’re saving

While most people tend to focus on the money they’re missing out on by working part-time, it’s important to think about the positive aspects as well. Besides having extra time to pursue your own projects and have more time to spend with those you love, there is also quite a bit of money to save when not working full-time.

The transportation costs, for example, the money you may have spent on lunch and coffee out — as well as the money you save when you have the energy to cook at home rather than getting takeaway.

Sure, it may not be a fortune you’re able to save, but by reminding yourself about the positive things, you’re managing to stay sane while also having your finances under control.

Next: Get part-time benefits

No matter what you used to believe, there are actually retirement benefits and insurance options for part-timers as well as full-timers. Have a look at this part time motor traders insurance, for example, and start to look into the types of insurance options you have in your field.

While part-timers haven’t enjoyed as many benefits as full-timers, and especially not when the economy was struggling, the trend is turning towards offering the same perks. Make sure that you take advantage of this sooner rather than later, though, as these offers may not survive another economic downturn in the future.

There are many other advantages to not working full-time, though, and it’s good to focus on the health benefits as well. Your stress levels will be a lot lower as long as you have control over your finances and manage to live within your means.

Image by: Pexels