Employee turnover is a big problem for businesses. It’s difficult to attract the best people in the first place so once you’ve got them there, you want to keep them. You definitely don’t want them to go and work for your competitors. Training staff is also pretty expensive so if you’re doing it all the time because you’ve got a high staff turnover, you’re wasting a lot of time and money. If you find that your staff keep leaving, here are some simple ways to remedy it.

Make Their Job Easier

Nobody wants to work for a company that makes things hard for them. If you refuse to invest in new technology or update business processes to make employees’ lives easier, they’re going to move to a company that will. Make a point of speaking to your employees regularly and ask them whether there are areas of the job that are slowing them down. Then take those suggestions and put them into action. The easier their job is, the more likely they are to stay. They’ll also be a lot more productive so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Invest In Training

This is a big one. People don’t want to stay at a job if they don’t feel as though there are any opportunities for personal development. They’ll get bored quickly if they’re doing the same thing every single day and they aren’t learning anything. That’s why you need to invest a bit of money in training and professional qualifications for your staff. It’ll help them to improve their skills which makes them better at their jobs and they’ll be far less inclined to move on if you’re helping them to develop.

Pay Them Properly

This isn’t something that employers like to hear, but it’s important. You need to pay people properly, otherwise, they’ll leave. People will look for a job that they enjoy but the bottom line is, they’re here to earn money to pay the bills. If they feel as though they aren’t being paid what they deserve or they’re struggling financially on the wage that you’re paying them, they’ll start looking for a different job. But if you give people a pay rise every few years, you give them more incentive to stay. It also shows them that you value their work which is important as well.

Praise Them

Paying people well is one way that you can show them that they’re appreciated, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them the rest of the time. People just want to know that they’re valued so praising them for good work is important. It only takes a second to pull an employee aside and thank them for their hard work on a recent project but it makes all the difference. You can also reward the whole team with group events, which helps to build a good relationship between employees and show them that they’re valued.

You shouldn’t need to make widescale changes to the company to avoid high staff turnover, you just need to make sure that people know you value them.