It has been a long time since political unity has been seen in the United Kingdom; ironic, given the name of our fair isles.

Since the ’40s, in fact, de facto parties have been at loggerheads throughout the decades. It seems though, if you look back, the Kingdom has been united, only, at times of warfare and in the face of tyranny.

I am, of course, referring to the threat of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi-party led Germany. A threat which, quite literally, openly announced itself as one — with no specifically hidden plans, other than the covert operations which were necessary to realise the dreams of a dying kingdom of Germania.

But, I do tell a slight lie — only because the majority are entirely unaware of the facts that I will write throughout this article — which is entirely relevant to today.

Have you ever considered the power structure of the nation states within the European Union? The name of the politician who always seems to be bridging the political gaps, endorsing Union expansion, and bullying other nation states into making potentially self-detrimental decisions? Arguably, this politician even influences the European Commission itself, with her brutish nature and mass popularity.

I’m sure you’ve thought of the answer by now, after contemplating our very own — Theresa May! The politician I speak of is Angela Merkel, the, seemingly, supreme leader of Germany, and influencer of the Schengen bloc and further afield.

Intriguing, also, that the German Chancellor should happen to wield the power in a union that was created for the sake of peace after her very own nation was demilitarised and sanctioned for their World War II antics.

And it is equally intriguing, that Hitler’s Nazi Party had aimed to conquer Europe and bring it under the control of his very own, centralised government, which would have absolute power across the entire continent, and surrounding islands — the United Kingdom and Ireland included.

To say that there is a link, even with the obvious correlation, seems absolutely absurd, right?

Well, I hate to have to be the one to say it, but it isn’t absurd, and there certainly is a very big link between the Nazi agenda and the Europe that we live in today.

‘Crazy, crazy, crazy’, I know …

But, hang on. There was a written plan for post-war Europe, produced by Hitler’s advisors and the Third Reich. The name of this document?

‘The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’.

This was a conference which took place in Berlin, 1942, with a 122-word write-up, outlining the National Socialist’s economic and political plan for Europe, or as you would know it … the European Economic Community, which would go on to be known as the European Economic Area!

So, just to clarify, the EEA was created and major players on the European continent joined it, accepting a single currency — the Euro. Britain also joined, for the sake of the single market, but refused to join the eurozone, favouring our own currency, the pound sterling, instead.

And then, in a covert manner, the EEA, under the power of the Germany-influenced European Commission became the European Union, that we know, and for some reason love, today. The very union that Germany, under the influence of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, fantasised and fought to create. An idea that the rest of Europe fought to destroy.

It seems to me that Germany was defeated militarily, only to then diplomatically realise and create the very idea that we, vehemently, fought to annihilate — which really does make the praise for our fallen heroes of World War II, apparently, pointless.

The issue as I see it is this. At the time, the Nazi Party and its ideals turned the heads of the German population. Likewise, so have the European Commission, with the assistance of Nazi blueprints, turned ours.

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