Much is said about the Maltese archipelago. Travellers or migrants alike agree that setting foot on Maltese soil is one of the most memorable experiences of their life. Despite being such as a small country, Malta never fails to give its visitors a real feast for the senses, be it a gastronomic treat, adrenaline-rushing adventure, or a staycation.

If you’re here on a holiday, be sure to visit all three islands of the Maltese archipelago — Gozo, Comino, and Malta. You can stay at a hotel in Malta to experience a luxurious stay at the city centre. Just be sure to visit the website of Holiday Homes Gozo to find a suitable farmhouse to rent on the island.

But Why Should You Stay at a Farmhouse?

Remember that unlike its sister island, Gozo has a tranquil vibe. And you might like to get up close with its quaint villages to truly enjoy your Gozitan holiday. At a farmhouse, you’re going to get additional perks that will make your trip extra special. Specifically, here are the three awesome things to expect if you rent a holiday home:


  1. The enviable locations. Farmhouses are usually located near the island’s stunning beaches and other tourist attractions. This means you won’t have to spend money and time on commuting when going to and from your bucket-list items. For instance, you can find a farmhouse near Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary and Ta’ Gurdan Lighthouse. This accommodation type is also highly accessible to both public and private transport.
  2. The opportunities for cultural immersion. In Gharb where most top-rated farmhouses are located, guests can explore the surrounding villages easily. Going to and from the local restaurants to grab traditional Gozitan and Maltese foods is easy. The farmhouses’ style and design exudes a typical home in Gozo, albeit a little more luxurious.
  3. The ‘home away from home’ vibe. Designed for tourists and transient guests, farmhouses are fitted with all the fixtures and equipment needed to keep the visitors’ stay convenient. This type of accommodation usually has a fully equipped and modern kitchen, home theatre, and bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom. On top of these usual amenities, a farmhouse also comes with additional features, such as an exclusive swimming pool, free parking area, and internet connection. There’s also a barbecue area, terrace, and top-quality garden furniture. And the best part is the fact that the house is equipped with security cameras. All these features mean that you’re guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable place to stay after you’ve toured around the island.

Activities You Should Do in Your Chosen Accommodation

There are several several things to do in Gozo. You can go on a tuk-tuk tour to visit off-the-beaten-track destinations. It would also be great to go on an island hopping tour that features Comino, the stunning island between Malta and Gozo. Going on a diving tour is also a great idea. But if you just want to relax and spend some quality time in the farmhouse you’ve rented, here are the enjoyable activities you can do:


  • Prepare traditional Maltese foods. Get something going in your fully furnished kitchen! Use the internet and look for instructional videos on how to prepare Mediterranean cuisine. Then, grab your ingredients at the local wet market or grocery store to ensure fresh foods.
  • Watch movies while taking a dip in the swimming pool. Typical Gozitan farmhouses usually have glass windows and walls overlooking the pool. You’re lucky if your pool is located right outside the home theatre area. You can just roll the curtains, play a good movie and watch from the outside through the glass. But if this isn’t your case, you can just use your laptop.
  • Create videos out of the pictures you’ve taken.  If you’ve spent the last few days of your vacation touring around the island, it would make sense to start creating videos on the last day of your trip.


Renting a farmhouse in Gozo does add a little bit of style and luxury to your trip. You can also do a lot of other activities even when you’re just inside your holiday home. Besides, you can spend longer hours per destination or rent a car if you’re confident that you have comfortable accommodation with parking to come home to at the end of each day on the island.