When you need to commute to work, it can prove to be a stressful, mundane experience. This is especially true if your commute is long and you work within a busy city environment. However, did you know the right commute can actually make you happier and healthier?

These days there are so many different ways to commute to and from work. So, if you want to make your commute work for you, here you’ll discover some great tips and advice that you can follow.

Driving considered the most stressful way to commute

If you currently drive to work, it may not be helping your stress levels. According to commuters, driving is considered the most stressful way to get to and from work. What with increasing traffic road causing tailbacks, congestion increasing your commute time and the increased risk of accidents for which you may need a motorcycle accident lawyer, it’s little wonder it’s stressful. However, despite the stress caused, it still remains the most popular choice.

While there are ways to make driving to work less stressful, compared to other methods of transportation, it’s definitely the least enjoyable form of commuting. So, if you do drive, you may want to consider another, less stressful option.

Consider more unique commute methods

There are a lot of ways you can get to work these days, so why not consider something a little different? You could cycle for example. You can pick up foldable electric bikes which make commuting longer distances much more enjoyable. You’ll also get a good level of exercise too, making it a healthier way to commute.

Or, why not try something really unique and commute to work using electric skateboards? These are best used for shorter commutes, though you could take them on public transportation too if you need to commute a long distance.

How should you spend your commute?

It’s not just how you commute to work that’s important, it’s also how you spend your time. Many people choose to get started on work, but it’s actually better if you use the time for yourself. Listening to music, catching up with podcasts or reading a book are all great ways to spend a tedious commute. It recharges the brain, leaving you feeling refreshed when you get to work.

Overall, the commute to work is important as it can establish how you’re going to feel for the rest of the day. Enjoying your commute can leave you feeling more motivated and productive. So, if you don’t currently enjoy your daily commute, why not follow the advice above and change it up a little?