There’s just something different about this Hawaiian Island. A sense of tranquillity hovers over you as soon as you disembark the plane. The smell of the sea, the sand, and a beer in your hand seem to be the perfect vacation any one of us can dream of — even with our busy schedule. Maui is a major island in the Hawaii state and with so many things to do and places to see on this cool island, you will surely never run out of activities once you get to pay this place a visit.

And for first-time travellers to this place, being ready with all the preparations will surely save you from a headache. After booking your flight, make sure to secure your accommodation by checking out some rentals in Maui. Once these are all checked, then we go to your itinerary. Besides the breathtaking scenery, the flora and fauna, the delicious food, and the fascinating tradition, Hawaii takes pride in its hospitable and warm people — one quality which makes Hawaii and the island of Maui a must-visit for us. Listed hereunder, are some of the activities you can do — especially if it’s your first time in Maui.

Attend a Luau

Not all people take the time to travel all the way to Hawaii without joining the classic luau. The traditional banquet usually includes music complemented by dance and, of course, food! The typical food served in a luau includes poi, Kalua pig — a savoury cuisine which is cooked in an underground oven which is known to be a traditional Hawaiian cooking technique. And, of course, it is tender and tasty: poke, Lomi salmon, opihi, haupia and a round of beer. Entertainment includes traditional Hawaiian music and hula.

Swim with Sea Turtles

In many parts of the island, sea turtles can be found freely swimming in numerous snorkelling areas. Although, one of the favourites of some seasoned travellers is Maui’s Olowalu Reef. Kayak Olowalu has a trip where you can both kayak through crystal clear waters and put on a mask to snorkel. If nature is in your favour, you might encounter sea turtles swimming in some snorkelling areas. If you are luckier, a few harmless sharks will be roaming around to share the ocean with you.

Walk on a Black Sand Beach

If Boracay in the Philippines takes pride in its white sand beach, then Maui also does the same with its black sand beach. While on the Road to Hana, be mindful of the one at mile marker 32 which is the Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach. It takes a short, steep trail going down the beachfront. Afterwards, it’s your time to take off your shoes and experience walking along the shimmering black sand. With its uniqueness, it will easily become one of your favourite Things to do in Maui.

Take a Tour to a Pineapple Farm

If you think you have tasted enough pineapples in your lifetime, wait until you have done it straight from the bush. If you are into pineapples, then you must take a tour at one of the pineapple farms to see the amazing farming process of the fruit. Also, your tour guide will let you taste the pineapples at three different types of ripeness so that you can determine the ripeness that suits you.

A Road to Hana Road trip

One of absolutely the best things to do and not to miss in Maui is to take a road trip to the Instagram-worthy 53-mile, curvaceous Road to Hana. With breathtaking scenery that includes waterfalls, hiking spots and beaches, you will soon realize that the journey is the destination itself. Never forget to include this in your bucket list!

Relax in a Funky Surf Town

One of the must things to do in Maui is to spend time relaxing while basking under the sun in a cool surf town — and Paia is one of the many surf towns that serve as a perfect choice. With its beach-themed boutiques, striking waterfronts and fish restaurants where the dishes are freshly caught, it is without a doubt the embodiment of a funky and cool surf town. In order to maximize your trip in a day, it is also a good place to start your drive on the Road to Hana.

Wear a Fresh Flower Lei

A lei is a wreath-like garland that is a symbol of affection and is placed around the neck of visitors upon arriving in Hawaii. You can see it in the movies, where these mementoes are mostly handmade with exquisite fresh flowers. In most places around the island though, they can be replaced by the Kukui Tree Nut lei, which stays fresh for a longer period of time. And, with all of the beautiful Hawaiian flowers you will find in Maui, it is worth seeking and easy to find a fresh one, considering the abundant flora of the island.

Witness Lava Rock

Hawaii is also known for housing some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Another one of the amazing things to do — and should probably not be missed — in Maui is to take a road trip along Makena Road and through the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve for a peek at the lava fields. Arguably, it is the place where the set of Star Wars was inspired because it looks exactly like it! This dreamlike landscape was created by continues lava flow from Mt. Haleakala.