There’s nothing better than a romantic break with your partner. Getting away from the daily pressure of life is the best way to ground your relationship and build new memories as a couple. Those memories could be the foundation of your future life together. No matter what kind of couple you might be, there are plenty of ways that you can get maximum romance from your time away together, and with some simple steps, you could make your relationship stronger than ever. Whether you’ve been together a month or a few years, here are some fantastic ideas to help you create the ultimate romantic getaway.

Make it a surprise

It’s one thing to have a surprise present, but when that present is a week away together, then you’re going to get some serious relationship points. It’s not going to be easy to plan a surprise holiday, but it’s much easier if you also keep the holiday a secret from yourself! You can do this by knowing in advance that you’re going away, but not deciding on a destination until the last minute. This will mean that you can take advantage of those amazing last-minute deals, and with everything from cultural excursions to all-inclusive beach holidays, your holiday surprise can still be tailored to your interests as a couple.

Bring a real camera

Of course, your phone is always in your pocket and there’s no disputing that they can be very useful when you’re on holiday. It’s important that you don’t forget that people still had amazing holidays before phones were invented! Having a phone in your pocket while you’re trying to enjoy the romance is very difficult, and the constant distraction means that you’re not focusing on your partner. Take a camera with you and leave the phone behind. Commit to the holiday and forget about the social media likes. Avoid digital distraction and enjoy each other’s company for a change! Eat your romantic meal together, and don’t worry about posting it to the Gram.

Plan more surprises

If the holiday itself was a surprise, then imagine the look on your partner’s face when you treat them to an unexpected breakfast in bed or romantic picnic on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Small gestures are often the things that we remember the most, so don’t dismiss them as irrelevant. Go as grandiose as you like! It’s also worth checking out the local community calendars as well, because you might find a local event like fireworks displays or parades that you can experience together and build your holiday around. The look of surprise on your partner’s face might be enough to make you fall in love all over again.

Going on a holiday together is often the first real test of a relationship, but by maximising the romance and reducing the distractions of the real world, you will strengthen your bond. You might even come back home more in love than ever before, and that’s certainly something worth doing a little prep for.