You have seen a lot of amazing photos and articles in magazines or the Internet about Mykonos. You have decided that you want to visit the island and feel its unique vibe for a few days. Here are some basic things you need to know about Mykonos before you plan your trip details.

Global destination

Mykonos attracts thousands of tourists each year from every corner of the world. This has been happening for more than half a century and today the island is well-prepared to accept and serve all these visitors.

Mykonos is easily accessible as it has its own airport with connecting flights to the biggest cities worldwide and a new port that can accept a large number of private yachts. The port connects the island with Athens, the capital of Greece, as well as with other Aegean islands.

In the beginning, Mykonos became famous as an idyllic summer destination for hippies and nudists. In the late ’60s some of the wealthier people of the world discovered a secret ‘paradise’ with a wild natural environment and beautiful beaches where almost everything was allowed. Big luxury hotels and villas were built to serve the rich and famous and Mykonos became a huge, lavish resort and a party island.

Things To Know About Mykonos, Greece

Why choose Mykonos?

There are a lot of reasons to visit Mykonos but most people will agree on these three:

Beaches. Mykonos has over 30 beaches that vary from rocky to sandy, from windy to protected, from organized to secluded ones. Most southern beaches are organized and have soft sand and calm blue waters, while the northern beaches are usually quiet with a wild environment.

Party Beaches. These are Paradise, Super Paradise, Psarou and Paraga. They are all very organized and can accept big crowds during the day that want a swim, a cocktail or a meal. After the sun sets, the music from the beach bars gets louder and people start dancing all around. Parties here last until the dawn.

Accommodation. It is a fact that Mykonos has a lot of glamorous five-star hotels and villas. Lavish decoration, plenty of well-trained staff and a lot of services can be found here, all aiming to satisfy any need or wish that you may have. Among Mykonos villa rentals you will find some gorgeous ones that are suitable for a king.

Things To Know About Mykonos, Greece

Highlights of the island

So you don’t get confused by the plethora of clubs, restaurants, hotels and Villas in Mykonos, here is a list of some of the island’s hottest spots.

  • Nammos, the world-famous beach club at Psarou. A relaxing day resort with sunbeds and umbrellas on the sand, a restaurant, a boutique, lounge atmosphere during the day and crazy parties at nights. Whatever your plans are when visiting Nammos, you need to make a reservation.
  • Scorpios at Paraga beach. Another favourite meeting point for celebrities and VIPs, Scorpios combines luxury with spirituality. Among other things, you can participate at events such as sunset rituals and meditation lessons, have a healthy Mediterranean meal or attend a live concert.
  • Principote at the serene Panormos beach. An elegant, boho-style beach club and restaurant that emphasizes bonding with nature. It has a relaxing atmosphere, decoration with natural materials, soft, puffy pillows and ethnic cuisine that you can enjoy right in front of the sea.
  • Alemagou at Ftelia beach. An all-day beach bar for those who love authenticity and quality. At the restaurant you will find delicious traditional Mediterranean dishes.
  • Spilia seaside restaurant near Kalafatis beach. Built in a cave, open to the sea. This is a romantic location with a tasteful menu.
  • Interni restaurant. Right at the centre of Mykonos Town, this has a wonderful garden offering European cuisine.
  • Remezzo restaurant and bar. For fine Greek dining on Chora seaside with magnificent views.
  • Koursaros restaurant. For delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes.
  • Cavo Tagoo 5-star hotel near Chora. Offers luxurious rooms, suites and villas for a relaxing accommodation with a lot of amenities.
  • Bill & Coo luxury boutique hotel at Megali Ammos beach. Its restaurant is one of the best gourmet restaurants in Mykonos.
  • Katoikies boutique hotel at Agios Ioannis beach. This has its own pool restaurant and spa for those seeking pleasure and relaxation.
  • Mykonian K Hotels Villas. For luxury in the heart of Mykonos Town. Three different top-rated hotels offering rooms, suites and villas.

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough to make your trip to Mykonos a memorable one. We look forward to welcoming you!