Leeds is a northern city with a prestigious reputation as one of the leading locations, encouraging investment. Regeneration projects worth £7.3 billion are planned for the city with more than £3.9 billion of major development schemes having been completed within the last 10 years.

Leeds’ buoyant economy is looking to progress further, with the aim of securing the city as a leader amongst all other northern neighbours in the twenty-first century. By attracting new investment to the city of Leeds, creating stronger job opportunities, enabling businesses to flourish and expand more quickly, the city can unleash its full growth potential.

Improving transport infrastructure aims to attract investment and support further growth in the area, which is central to the devised Strategic Economic Plan. This strategy has a long-term focus on the transformation of the Leeds City Region economy. One of the main aims is to create over 35,700 additional jobs over the next 20 years and to grow the economy at a faster rate than the national average. The main vision is centred around growth, ensuring the economy is strengthened over time through business productivity and profitability, in which everyone who lives and works in the region can reap the benefits of.

Through elevated investment, new builds are being introduced across Leeds which creates a hotbed for investors to capitalise on the growing city. Companies like RW Invest recognise the potential of Leeds as a flourishing city and so offer a diverse range of properties producing excellent returns.

Major national investment is implemented by schemes like the high-speed rail, running from Leeds to London, to reduce travel times significantly. In Leeds, HS2, part of the Northern Powerhouse Rail, will provide a unique opportunity to reshape the South Bank. Through regenerating this public space, a world-class transport gateway will be created and economic prospects for the city will be strengthened.

Leeds South Bank is one of Europe’s largest and most determined regeneration initiatives which will aim to double the size of Leeds City Centre. Projected plans will incorporate over 250 new businesses in the area and over 2,000 new homes. In the last two years over £500 million in investment has been attracted to the area already.

Over the next 30 years, the South Bank is predicted to create 35,000 jobs across an array of industries, including financial, creative and digital sectors. Through developments in the Strategic Economic Plan, certain areas can be identified as requiring more investment than others, whether that be through employment or regeneration. To help progress the region, schemes can be put in place to stimulate growth.

Developing the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone can produce profitable outcomes for the city, as well as strengthening the possibility of investment. The Leeds Enterprise Zone drives local growth and major investment into the city. With an economy worth over £50 billion per year, a three million strong population and a workforce of one and a half million, the Enterprise Zone presents an unequalled opportunity for business in Leeds and provides a catalyst for growth and expansion of jobs.