Mobile phones used to be just that, phones. Phones you used on the go to make calls, send texts and play the odd game of Snake. What they certainly weren’t were the all-consuming mobile banking, office and social media access points they’ve become today.

If you own your own business then chances are you’re considering, if not already using, an app to bring your product right to the heart of what people hold dear: their mobile phones.

If you’re not, then this is what you need to build an app that gets people talking about you and your brand.

Do Your Research

Who are your customers and how do they access your products? Most, if not all, businesses have some kind of online presence so finding out what your customers do when they visit your site is going to go a long way in determining which functions you’re going to want on your app and where you want them placed.

Decide on the scope of your app. Will it be purely for selling your services or will it feature everything your website currently offers? Put yourself in your customers’ position and figure it out. Better still, ask them. Send around a survey to your customer base and find out what they want. If you’re worried about a slow response, incentivise through a discount or prize draw.

Think Design

Not just about how your app looks but about how it’s going to be read. The content on your app should be every bit as smart as the SEO-friendly content on your web pages. If you’re unsure how to get this done, then call on the professionals, such as the Figment Agency to get it just right.

Know Your Audience

Not just because they buy your goods or services but also when and how they access their mobile phones and apps. Are they browsing in their lunch hour or during their daily commute? All this information will help tailor your content better and help you find your voice, whether you’re talking to young lifestyle bloggers or the B2B sector, selecting exactly the right tone is paramount to your success.

Use powerful audience segmentation tools to figure out exactly who your audiences are in order to custom-build an app they can’t help but download.

Whatever sector of the business world you’re in, building an app to complement your online presence is becoming less and less of an option and more of a necessity. It’s not just a matter of keeping up with current trends; to truly harness technology to your business advantage, you need to stay well ahead of it.

Today your customers are using mobile phones and apps to find you and access your goods and services, but who knows what tomorrow’s ever changing and evolving technology will bring.

Don’t be left behind, read around the technologies of tomorrow and take a chance by getting ahead of the competition and grasping the future, today.