Different companies have rules on whether their employees should be provided with workwear and this is partially down to preference, as well as legal requirements. If your workwear is classed as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) then this should be supplied by yourselves as it is the law to do so. There are many benefits to supplying your employees with workwear, and if you are unsure whether your business should, read on.  

Workwear You Can Trust

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Their work trousers are available in a variety of sizes and many of the trousers and shorts have the option of a few colours to provide style for your workers and to fit in with any uniform policy you may have. Engelbert strauss also offer workwear jeans, including designs with five or seven pockets. Simple high-vis trousers start from as little as £11.99, meaning you will not go out of pocket supplying workwear for your employees.

The Legal Requirements

If your business requires any workwear which provides protection and safety against machines, weather, or chemicals, this should be provided by an employer and never left to employees to pay for. Supplying the correct PPE is essential, otherwise you are breaking the law and possibly endangering lives. When looking for workwear for your business, it is important to find some that you can trust to be durable whilst keeping within your budget.

If your business requires any form of PPE, this must be supplied by an employer for their employees. This is part of the Health and Safety at Work Act which was established in 1974, under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. In layman’s terms, these regulations state that employees must ensure any protective equipment is provided for their employees, otherwise they are liable for any harm or damage caused. This can be anything from footwear to hard hats or visors. This can also include clothing, especially for workers that may be outside having to endure harsh weather conditions.

Better Business Image

A uniform that has been supplied by yourself can improve your business’s image. This not only means that all your employees will be safe and wearing suitable uniforms, but they will also be easily recognised. Employers are often judged on the look of their staff, so supplying a uniform is essential in maintaining a good appearance. Finding and retaining customers is extremely important, and your employees’ uniform gives potential customers a first impression of your business, so make it a good one.

Having a uniform is also a great way to promote your business, as employees walk around advertising your logo. This can also improve custom as potential customers notice workers wearing your brand and are more aware of your company. Having workwear for your business is therefore almost like free advertising. Furthermore, a work uniform can help to identify employees, especially handy for construction workers so they know who is and isn’t validated to be on site.

Benefits Employees

There are many benefits to employees having a uniform supplied. Firstly, they will be safe in their workwear and therefore happier. This limits time off from any potential injuries or illnesses due to not wearing the correct PPE. Many employees would prefer a uniform policy and have workwear provided, as this also means they do not have to go out and purchase new clothes for work. This saves them time and money and helps employees to feel part of a team.

If a potential employee was offered a job at your company and one other, with the same pay and benefits but which supplied a uniform whilst you did not, they are going to choose the role in which they will have a uniform supplied. Providing workwear doesn’t need to be expensive, but it can draw in potential candidates, as well as help you to retain employees. Having an employer that cares about the wellbeing of their staff and ensures that adequate workwear is supplied for every role is important to many employees.

Although workwear is mostly used for health and safety reasons, there are many benefits of supplying employees with their workwear. You may have to supply essential PPE to comply with the law, but even if you do not, supplying workwear will improve staff happiness and allow them to foster a team spirit.

Image by TheHilaryClark on Pixabay