One of the main tasks we have as a business is the ability to get employees to work for us and then get them to stay. As an employer you will always want the best for your employees and it can even mean that you make changes and improvements just to keep them on your side. Today we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to keep your employees happy this year and make them stay for longer.

Think of balance

The main thing you have to remember as an employer is the fact that your workers are people just like you and they all have their own lives outside of work. Work is an important part of life but it isn’t everything. Nearly everyone in your company will have more important things to think about, such as their family and friends. This is why enabling a work-and-life balance in your office can be wonderful, and doing this can be exactly what you need to keep employees happy and loyal.

Get them involved

As a small business especially, decisions can come up which have a huge impact on your venture and it can be incredibly difficult to make the right decision that will suit everyone. Instead of trying to make a decision on your own, get your team involved and throw around a few ideas. You might be able to come up with a much better option which you’d never have thought of on your own, and this is thanks to your workers bringing fresh ideas and mindsets to the table. When workers feel as if they are having a real impact on the business they will be happier, and this is what will make them want to stay.

Be honest

Honesty is always the best policy. Even if it means you tell your workers that the business is failing, it is better than hiding the truth. If you keep issues to yourself you won’t necessarily be able to solve them and you will also lose the trust of your employees. Make sure that you are honest and always admit mistakes to your workers. They will respect you more as a result of it.

Offer vacations

If you want to make your employees want to stay with you for longer, the best thing that you can do is offer them more holidays and give them a more flexible working environment. As much as people may love their job, no one wants to be constantly working, and offering a few perks and days off here and there can make a massive impact on morale — which can be a great way to keep your employees happy.

Encourage talking

You might think that it is totally counterproductive for employees to talk in the office throughout the day, but often the opposite is the case as silence can breed boredom. Let your employees chat throughout the day and get involved in the conversations. It is always a great idea to encourage discussion as this increases communication in the company and also boosts the mood and morale of employees , something which is essential.

Insure them

If you want to make sure that your workers feel as if they hold a real value for you as a business, a great idea would be to insure them to protect them if they are ever injured on the job or left unable to work for some reason. Key Person Insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are both great policies to have for your employees because they protect them if they ever have an accident, and it also protects you from liability. They will be able to get their medical bills paid for and you can avoid taking the blame for something which wasn’t your fault.

Give rewards

Employees need to be shown now and again why they are working so hard. When you are pushing your employees to meet certain goals every month and meet profits, you need to pay them back with some sort of reward or incentive, otherwise they won’t try to meet those goals in the future. It is a great idea for you to come up with an incentive scheme for your employees where you ask them to make a certain number of sales or bring a certain number of clients to the business, and this can be a great way to push them to work harder for you and the business.

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