When it comes to buying a gift for a special occasion, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re buying for a birthday, an anniversary or for Christmas — finding that perfect gift is often impossible.

A great way to make sure you’re buying your recipient the best possible gift is to add a touch of personalisation. From personalised jewellery to a star named after them, making a gift that little bit more personal is easy if you know where to look. With that in mind, here are 12 gifts with an incredible personalised touch:

Personalised Jewellery To Match A Horoscope Or Birth Month

If you don’t want to get personalised jewellery that has their name or you’re finding it hard to find their name in stores, why not consider purchasing something that represents their horoscope or birth month? Whether you’re purchasing a necklace, ring, watch or bracelet, there are lots of ways in which they can be personalised to represent someone’s birthday.

Whilst it’s not entirely personal to just them, they’ll appreciate the thought and attention that has gone into your decision.

A Photo Frame Filled With All Their Favourite Photos

Having photographs printed out is a great way to create a personal gift for someone, especially if you arrange them in a creative photo frame. With so many people posting their favourite photos on their social media profiles, it’s easy to print out the ones you know they love without them even knowing what you are doing. Once you have all of the right photographs, you can create a completely personalised gift that is going to be incredibly special to the recipient.

Chocolates With A Personalised Message

If the person you’re gifting absolutely loves chocolates, why not go the extra mile and buy them a sweet treat with a personalised message?

Whether you buy a slab of chocolate with a piped message or order a chocolate hamper and include your own message inside, it’s a much better alternative to just buying a box of chocolates and gift wrapping them. For chocolate inspired gifts and ideas, you can visit this site here.

A Cushion Featuring Their Favourite Photo

Whilst this may be a bit of a novelty, it’s a great idea if you’re purchasing a joke gift for a Secret Santa or a stocking filler for a friend on a budget. There are lots of different companies that will now print your face or a photo onto a cushion, creating the ultimate sleeping companion. Ranging from around £15-20, this personalised gag gift definitely won’t break the bank.

A Map Of Their Favourite Place

If you’re gifting someone who loves travel and adventure, why not purchase them a personalised map print of their favourite place?

If you know of a place that is special to them you can have the exact coordinates printed out as a map they can display in their home forever. If you don’t have exact coordinates, you can also have a map of the whole city printed out.

Ideal for wedding locations, engagement spots or a social hometown — your recipients will absolutely love your attention to detail.

Personalised Stationery And Notepads

Stationery is always a great gift to give, especially if it’s personalised. If you know someone who loves getting themselves organised and being on top of things, they’ll definitely appreciate the thought behind a personalised notepad, journal or fountain pen. If you’re looking to purchase some personalised stationery, you can visit this site here.

A Personalised Number Plate For Their Car

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone for an incredible occasion, why not consider purchasing them a personalised number plate for their Car? Personalised number plates are not the cheapest gift to purchase, it’s the perfect gift for someone who is reaching a milestone — especially if it’s for someone who takes pride in their car.

A Personalised Wine Or Gin Glass

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone who loves to have a good drink, a personalised wine or gin glass might be a perfect idea. There are lots of different independent stores that will now allow you to choose a style of glass, letting them know the words you’d like it to be personalised with. As long as it’s within their character limit, you can personalise them with absolutely anything you like — whether that’s a name, a special date or a quote.

A Calendar Made Up Of Their Favourite Seasonal Photographs

When it comes to purchasing a personalised gift, you can’t go wrong with using photographs. Whilst printing photographs is a great gift for those that have a photo album, having them arranged into a calendar allows you to go that one step further. If you’re feeling extra creative you can even match the photographs up to the month or season.

A Personalised Scrabble Tile Print

There are so many different types of personalised prints you can purchase but one of the most common is a scrabble tile print that uses real scrabble tiles. Using the tiles you can create a ‘faux scrabble board’ that displays the names of everyone in your recipient’s family. Whilst it’s incredibly simple, it’s a cute little keepsake that looks great on the wall. For inspiration and tips on how to create your own, you can visit this site here.

Naming A Star After Them

For a gift that can be kept forever and that has a lot of meaning, why not name a star after your giftee. This unique gift is not something you see every day, so you can guarantee it will be something they’ve never received before and that it will be something they treasure for a long time to come.

A Personalised Bottle Of Prosecco

If you know your recipient loves Prosecco, there are lots of gift companies that now offer a personalised bottle of fizz, complete with their name on the label. Whilst it’s an inexpensive gift, it’s not something they’ll receive every day.

A Personalised Apron Or Cheeseboard

Finally, if you’re gifting someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, why not purchase them personalised kitchen utensils? Whether it’s a cheeseboard, a wooden cutlery set or a personalised apron, you can be sure they’ll get lots of use out of it. For more personalised kitchen gift ideas, you can visit this site here.

Are you looking to buy someone a personalised gift for their upcoming birthday or special occasion? What can you do to ensure they absolutely love the gift you give? Let me know in the comments section below.


Photo by Miroslava on Unsplash