Food, some might say, is the the epitome of culture. Well, in that case, for those of you planning a visit to Paris, you won’t be disappointed. And to get you started on your first 24-hours, here are the best places to visit for your gastronomical adventure in between all that charming sightseeing. 

Petite Déjeuner

The great thing about Paris is you can grab a pastry and coffee anywhere, there is no shortage of good quality food and drink. If you have a sweet tooth but not a huge appetite, why not try Aux Merveilleux De Fred. They specialise in meringue cakes and gifts, but I love their pain au chocolat. If you get there early, the sweet breads are still warm. Like a brioche, they are filled with a chocolate ganache in the centre — as soft as velvet! Just across the street pop into Coffea for a speciality coffee to go; ask the barista for their suggestions, they are experts in coffee beans and syrup combinations — I could spend hours in there.

But if you would rather spend an hour reading the newspaper with your a la carte breakfast, I recommend La Villa Passy. If you’re walking along Rue de Passy, it’s easy to miss as it isn’t on the main road. Instead, it is up a small drive along with an antique store. As you walk up the driveway you will see the black gates open to a conservatory with green plants and glass windows: voila you’re there! La Villa Passy is the perfect place to catch up with friends or simply sit alone and enjoy the calming natural ambiance.

Sometimes the last thing you want to do on a hot day is shop, but whilst you’re in the 16th, why not explore the exquisite boutiques such as Au Nom De La Rose. You could treat yourself to a bouquet of roses or indulge in their rose products such as rose fudge — crystallised rose chocolate and decadent Rose jam, the perfect gifts to take back for your friends!


For lunch I recommend popping into the nearest patisserie (of which there are no shortages), with delicious buttery bakers situated on every street corner. Yamazaki is a Japanese/French patisserie and offers a great lunch meal deal for five euros! Your choice of drink, sandwich, baguette or savoury quiche and a desert! Who said Paris has to be expensive?

Ask for it to go ‘Emporter, s’il vous plait’ and walk past Jardin Du Ranelagh towards the Bois De Boulogne. This is the largest park in Paris and on the edge of the 16th is full of affluent Parisians running, rowing and cycling. The park is just next to the Racing Club so you may spot a few horse riders too.

Once you’ve found your little patch in the shade, settle down and bask in Paris’ mainland European heat. I’d recommend taking a magazine or book to dream half the day away as it is hard to tear yourself from the silence once you’ve found this oasis in the city.

For just ten euros you can rent a boat for an hour in the centre of the park. You can place the oars into their holds and drift whilst feeding the ducks. You’ll be amazed that even sheltered within the forestry, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the not-too-distant Eiffel Tower and be reminded of where you are in the world. Paris is a city but a slow one at that, enjoy the Parisian pace and find your joie de vivre!


For dinner don’t worry about rushing across the city when there is the exceptional Chalet Des lles in the Bois De Boulogne; in fact, you circled it whilst rowing.

To get to Chalet Des lles you need to take a shuttle boat for one euro. Wait in the wooden shelter opposite the restaurant and they will send a boat to you within seconds. This in itself is a unique experience and will allow you to experience probably the only uncrowded transportation in the city,  as opposed to the rush of metros and trains.

If you haven’t already, order the Moelleux Chocolat for dessert. Like a chocolate bomb, it appears fairly solid from the outside, but once cut into, oozes with warm chocolate. Remember Parisians love dark chocolate so you can’t go wrong ordering one!

Finally, heart and tummy full, you’re ready to enter the city again. The beauty of Paris is that no matter how late you leave a restaurant, the city lights will guide your way. The Eiffel Tower is itself like a lighthouse in the sea; the perfect compass no matter which arrondissement you’re in. The night is still young so walk off your dinner with a moonlit stroll along the Seine. As you stroll along the promenade, you’re never alone with the Tower performing its renowned show of flashing lights as the clock hits every hour.

Even Cinderella had to come back to reality, but don’t worry, Paris will be waiting for your next weekend break! Abientot!

16th arrondissement food and drink address book:

La Villa Passy

4 Impasse des Carrieres

75016, Paris

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

29 Rue de l’acconciation
75016, Paris


28 Rue De l’annonciation

75016, Paris


6 Chausee de la Muette

75016, Paris

Les Chalet Des lles

Lac inferieur du Bois De Boulogne

75016, Paris

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