As you know, in political, social and just about all circles, common sense is severely lacking. I like to assume that people are blinded by their beliefs, but in reality, I think its a case of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Across the many isms, there seems to be a core of liberal, questionable humans who, generally speaking, could be labelled as some sort of Justice League. And then, on my side of the fence, you’ve got people who just care enough to keep themselves present in the now; the real world. We don’t sugarcoat the negative facets of life, and we believe in the truth.

Now, I would like to address the very current, particularly major topic that the Justice League has recently begun to focus on and negatively endorse the mainstream media’s take on it, way, way too much!


So, I have a question for you … if I oppose the actions of the nation-state of Israel, am I anti-Semitic? The majority answer, ‘yes’. I imagine you just contemplated leaning that way too.

Well, in light of that, I would like you to consider Israel, its inhabitants, and the surrounding regions without the backstory of religion; because the decision in 1948 to relinquish the British mandate of Palestine wasn’t a religious one.

Suddenly the Israelites are exactly that — not Jews. So, compare and contrast. It’s 1940, your part of society is being blamed for a few failings; you are arrested at gunpoint, out of the blue, shipped like cattle to a local prison and you become a prisoner of war (POW). You’re hardly being fed, you haven’t got any sort of access to medical care, money; you’ve got shared bathrooms, overcrowded houses, and such. Every so often your captor’s army stroll into the area, line up Tom, Dick, and Harry, then shoot them. Pretty crap, right?

Now, it’s 2018, you’re part of a society whose land is decreasing at a rapid rate. For seventy years, a foreign force has been gradually taking land from you, pushing you, like cattle into a tiny, boxed-off paddock. It’s bordered off, food and medical supplies are entirely controlled by the occupying force, who, every so often send in their army who, also, see Tom, Dick, and Harry waving some tricks around and end up shooting them. Or, they order an airstrike, as an alternative, because the Israeli Defence Force likes to go a little over the top, sometimes! Even crapper, right? I mean, that airstrike blew the toilet up, too!

So, the first lot — the victims of wartime Germany — were given some land in the Middle East, Palestine, more specifically. Or, a chunk of it. Seven-hundred thousand Palestinians were displaced and moved away from the aforementioned chunk of land. They were, understandably, upset with the outcome of events, but the majority accepted and got over it; they tried to move on with their life. That land then became Israel.

And the second lot? Well, that’s a description of modern-day Palestine — life for the Palestinians who were moved, and now their descendants!

So, hang on … the, now Israelis, were moved from a Nazi-controlled Germany to escape oppression, persecution and mistreatment so that they could resettle and start afresh in Palestine. The Palestinians were displaced so that the oppressed could escape Germany. But now, they seem to find themselves in, essentially, an open-air prisoner of war camp, at the whim of the previously persecuted party; arguably, being treated even worse.

So, am I or anybody else ‘anti-Semitic’ for criticising Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians and for violating the Geneva convention, which all major superpowers are supposed to follow? No. Am I criticising Judaism in any way, when I criticise Israel as an entity? No.

What I and many others are doing, however, is holding a country accountable for its actions, and so should each and every one of you!

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