Spending more money than you are earning? Sinking in loans? Not sure where you are going wrong? When it comes to money, most people just need a little shift in their mindset to start saving and paying off the loans they have been paying back.

A few habits to adopt in order to change your money mindset are:

Practice Gratitude

You might already have heard this before: If you have a roof over your head, food in your belly and clothes on your back then you are richer than 75 per cent of the people in the world.

Even when we say we don’t have any clothes, we probably have more than 10 hanging in the closet. There are so many things in your home right now that you don’t even know you have. The problem isn’t with the things we have or don’t have. The problem is that we don’t practice gratitude often enough.

Start everyday by thinking of all the things that you do have. Say the words out aloud. Do it for five minutes every day. Once you start practicing gratitude, you will be less likely to go on shopping sprees to buy even more stuff.

Do something about the money

All the extra money in your account is money you are probably itching to spend. It’s money with no plan. There’s a good chance you will spend it on all the wrong places. Eating out in the new fancy restaurant. A night out with friends, or just on shopping.

You can avoid that by giving your money a plan. Get in touch with a financial advisor and create a plan for your money. Give it a positive direction.

Don’t Spend, Invest!

The difference between the buying habits of the rich and poor is how they see their spending. The rich spend their money on getting assets. This includes all the things that will appreciate in cost over time. For instance, a gold bracelet, a diamond ring or even a property.

The poor, on the other hand, spend money on things they are going to throw out in a year or two. This includes clothes, home décor items or a pair of branded shoes.

Rethink Your Wants and Needs

My kids are always saying, ‘I want this!’ ‘I want that!’ I tell them you might want this, but you really don’t need it. The same goes for most adults too. We want a lot of things, but we don’t necessarily need them. Even a lot of the things we think we need are really just wants.

Sit down with yourself. Think of all your monthly expenses. How many of them are wants and how many are needs? When you are clear about your needs and wants,then you use your money more wisely.

Give Yourself A Goal

Most of the time we are just stuck in a cycle: earning money at the start of the month and spending it for the rest of the month. It’s difficult to break the cycle. Set the reset button by giving yourself a mission. Strive for a financial mission. Start small and keep on building from there. Every time you accomplish a goal, set a new one.

A good goal can be rebuilding your credit score. Start by finding out what your credit score is. An exceptional credit score is between 800-850. Get more information on how to rebuild your credit on Crediful.

Be More Confident

When it comes to our salary, we often feel shy about asking for a raise or demanding our worth. We look at a lot of our fellow colleagues and class mates earning much more than us and wonder; what am I doing wrong? Where am I lacking?

Most likely, you are lacking confidence in your abilities. Unless you believe in your abilities, no one else will.

Think of the value you offer to your business. Consider how much business you are making your office. Don’t feel bad about asking for your due revenue. When you do something good, make sure everyone sees what you are doing. Stand tall and people will notice you.

Love Your Money

Do you hate money? Is this why you are bent on spending all of it by the end of the month?

Think of money as a good thing. Most of our lives we have been told how rich people misuse their money. How they end up living a wasteful life.

It isn’t entirely true. There are people using their money to do more good in the world. Be a part of their tribe. Help someone with your money. You will feel better about having it.