Health and wealth are two words that rhyme so well but often do not occur together. Many people are working hard to earn large sums of money even if their health is being neglected and compromised. Good health is clearly preferable but if one does not have it, then it is better to have some wealth to ease the burden. Money of course cannot replace the lack of health, but it goes a long way towards making life easier, more comfortable and reducing the impact of some major stress in most people’s lives.

The real question to be answered is not whether health is better than wealth but what is the true path to happiness.

To be healthy but miserable because you are poor is a fairly shallow way to live your life. With health your potential is unlimited. Nothing stands in the way of travelling, working, having a family or going back to studying. With good health, there is always a way to make money to create the life you desire. To be wealthy but have poor health is only partial compensation — a kind of bad news with good news. Poor health is like a roadblock that cannot be driven around. It is always staring you in the face, requiring attention even in the most important moments. It doesn’t release you despite you begging, crying, bargaining or even resigning your job. Early to bed and early to rise, as they say, continues to be the best way to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

In my opinion health is more than wealth because good health generates healthy activity in the mind which in turn generates activity for future wealth. A healthy man is a wise man. A wise man is a knowledgeable man. One who has knowledge is bound to generate wealth in one form or another.

Why not follow some easy tricks?

There are some easy tricks to be in good shape. A balanced diet for good health is highly recommended. Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. They say a vegetarian meal is preferable for sound mental and physical health. I say, if you are prone to eating non-vegetarian food, you should just ensure that fresh green vegetables definitely form a part of the menu. Take a lot of water right from the time you leave bed to the time you go to sleep. Drinking up to three litres of water a day during the summer will be health promoting. Physicians always tell us that the human body is 70 per cent fluids, therefore,  your intake of fluids is an essential part of staying healthy. Drinking half a litre to a litre of water in the morning also helps clear the bowels in case of constipation issues.

Prevention is always better than cure

If you feel that your health is failing, you’re worn out and feel limp and stiff, you should waste no time and have your health examined. Go to the doctor, say what troubles you, he’ll check the symptoms of certain diseases, write out a prescription if it’s necessary or tell you just to take mixtures or vitamins twice a day.

We rarely listen to ourselves, to our body and organs. But we should do it because no one but our own system will tell us better if we’re in good health or not. Our life is very stressful now. Many people have sleep disorders, splitting headaches and high blood pressure. It hurts them but they don’t do anything to change it and to get better. But from my own experience I can definitely say it’s better to consult a doctor right from the moment you start suffering from pain because health is a treasure and it should be taken care of by a professional who knows what needs to be done.

We should spare ourselves to prevent our health from failing because it’s us and only us who tire our system out in the end. Being in good health means you have the world at your feet, nothing should stand in your way. You can wake up in the morning and carry out any and all of your dreams and plans. Staying healthy always allows us to enjoy all the happiness the world can bring.

With a healthy body and healthy mind everything becomes simple and easy.

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