Writing is a beautiful thing: No matter the language, it lets you communicate your feelings without ever having to say a word. It lets you explore the numerous worlds your mind can fabricate and gives you the ability to share them with others. Especially now, we should all take a few minutes of our time to simply write and enjoy the process, and if that sounds contradictory to you: listen up!

It can feel quite exhausting to formulate your thoughts into words, especially if you are apprehensive before you start. This can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, hindering your writing abilities before you have even started. But if you free yourself of this negative mindset, it is a way to feel liberated and to make your voice heard. If you enjoy it and are successful in using language to convey meaning and emotion, then you can create and inspire others.

Your writing can also show quite a bit of your personality. Text is simply your train of thought in black and white, giving others an insight into your world. This enables the possibility to be understood by others and to share your perspective. Writing however is self-reflective, meaning that we have to take our time and think about what we want to demonstrate with our words. It is a kind of meditation and for this reason can also be quite therapeutic.

Therapeutic writing is free, can be done everywhere, and also trains your literacy abilities. This can be an advantage in professional life that should not be underestimated. Some critics like to say that we will have software to write stories and articles for us in the future; however, the human aspects of emotion and creativity can never be disconnected from real writing. They are what keeps the authenticity of this artistic activity.

But writing demands bravery. Before we have created a story, poem, letter or article, we are confronted with an intimidating blank page. It may be filled with letters that have a meaning, that can develop into ideas and emotions. But what then?

If you publish your work, you give people the opportunity to criticize you, but also the unique chance to see you through a different perspective than just your appearance or your spontaneous talking. This is a beautiful thing. It should be protected and celebrated as the powerful creative outlet that it is.

In the stressful modern world of the 21st century, writing is an especially beneficial activity on a private and societal level. But unfortunately, this activity is not greatly encouraged by society and becoming a writer today is filled with many obstacles that may seriously hinder one’s creative freedom. The financial strain, employment uncertainty, and the stressful life of journalists and authors are all factors that have a strong dissuasive effect on people wanting to pursue this creative path. But doing so is almost always worth it in the end. The feeling of accomplishment after having completed a text is gratifying; the ability to share thoughts and emotions with others, unprecedented.

Whether you do it as a relaxing activity at home, or as a career path, writing should become a new trend; a reacquired old tradition that inspires innovative thinking. Writing helps us to understand each other a bit more and to make ourselves heard. So the next time you find yourself aimlessly browsing the web or reading countless articles on news sites, consider sitting down and grabbing a pen, liberating yourself from the conventions around you and opening up a world of flowing creative juices and no limitations!

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