Join us at RED and become part of our squad as we aim to tackle your periods, to ensure you are always living our best life! RED, is a new range of period-proof undies for tweens and teens, designed to be worn all day, with no leaks, no smell and no need to change a pad or use a tampon. It’s an easy, hassle free way to have your period.

Made to look and feel like regular undies, these clever undies hold a little niffy secret, they have all been made to hold 1-2 tampons worth of liquid, yet no one would ever know you were on your period! Clever hey! These sassy undies now come in a range of new colours and styles, from new Hipster Bikini Rainbow, to Hipster Bikini Love Hearts. These undies are cool, look great and will keep you 100 per cent leak free.

Period Solutions: Save The World - One Pair At A Time!

It takes roughly 500 years for a sanitary pad to decompose in a landfill, that’s one single pad, taking that long to break down and in the UK we flush around 2 billion tampons down the toilet every year — imagine all those tampons floating in our water! Not only are you living your best life, period! But by wearing RED, you are also helping to save the planet, one pair at a time.

All of the RED underwear has been designed to be washed (cold wash) and hung out to dry to be re-worn as needed.

So join our RED squad, grab a pair and see the difference.

The full range can be found at with prices ranging from £16.50