You might have come across multiple platforms to get your content translated from any language to Urdu for example, and the possibility of facing issues and challenges is high all the time. If we talk about Urdu language process applications, these are known to encounter a variety of non-Urdu text where English stands out globally. The systems used in Urdu translation challenges are machine translation, text-to-speech and so on, and they are increasing with time and advancement made in technology.

Challenges in Machine Translation

Technology and other important mediums have been used to get permanent solutions for machine translation issues. Let us see what the challenges are during the process of translation of any language to Urdu, along with the difficulties in recognizing and resolving machine translation problems.

1. The problem in Word Translation

Translating a word correctly with the correct usage of its meaning in the right context is one of the most challenging tasks in machine translation. The main reason behind this is the obscure and vague nature of languages such as Urdu and English. Being humans, it takes a lot of time and effort in learning multiple meanings of a single word, and the same applies to machine translators. They are still not able to do this.

For example: Please place my order at Uber Eats

But the translator is not able to understand the contextual meaning of ‘place’ here.

2. Challenges in Phrase Translation

Some phrases carry a different semantic meaning from their written meaning. Such phrases are widely used in almost all languages, and the best examples are idioms and phrases. But making the machines understand such minute details within the content is hard, and so, it has become a challenge.

3. The problem in Syntactic Translation

Not all languages use the same structure for a different purpose or different structures for the same purpose. This has led to the addition of one more point in the list of the Urdu Translation Challenges.

4. The problem in Semantic Translation

Pronoun Resolution resolving is another challenge faced in the translation process. It involves resolving the pronominal anaphora problem.

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Services offered by Future-Trans

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