The professional translation industry has dramatically evolved over the last few years. There are now a number of new terms that are used to explain or describe translation services. Here are some of the most common and basic types of translation services offered by translation companies in South Africa and all around the world.

Website Translation Service

This refers to translating the website text/copy, documents on the website and any subtitles for the videos on the web pages. While translating websites, many elements need to be translated or localized such as address formats, layouts, currencies, etc. to customize everything according to the local audience. As the world becomes increasingly more ‘globalized’, companies need to translate and localize their websites into multiple languages for different countries.

Proofreading Service

A company’s image is as good as the content and text put out on the websites. Mailings, business cards, etc. Translated or not, the text has to be perfect without any mistakes. Proofreading is a sure short way to ensure that. High quality proofreading service will take care of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and alignment errors.

Transcription Service

The power of text cannot be underestimated. To retain the value of verbal communication in presentations, meetings, phone calls, conferences or even media productions — transcription services in South Africa come very handy. The audio source may be live speech, or (more commonly) speech recorded into any number of formats (including MP3, MPEG, WMA, DVD, magnetic tape, MOV, etcetera). A transcriptionist listens to and types the audio speech, creating a document which can be emailed, edited, shared, indexed, cross-referenced and searched.

A transcription service provider in Johannesburg has to be familiar with the relevant vocabulary and terminology used in the audio/visual file to create accurate transcriptions.

Desktop Publishing Services

Translation is not enough unless your documents are aligned and formatted properly to make sense visually. DTP is about making documents and materials look cutting-edge, professional, formatted, visually appealing and ready to print!

Interpretation Service

To convey the meaning of one spoken language into another while preserving the semantic and lexical values, or the original message, is what interpreting services are all about.  Whether it is a one-on-one meeting, a conference or a group setting of different language speakers, an interpreter will perform live-spoken translation from one language into another.  There are three types of interpretations:

  1. Consecutive interpretation: the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause before delivering the message. Usually used in legal situations or small business meetings. This is a common type of interpretation service.
  2. Simultaneous interpretation: the interpreter translates and delivers the message while the original speaker is still speaking. Used during large gatherings, this type of interpretation is best for conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.
  3. Telephone Interpretation: it is a form of consecutive interpretation but done over the phone. It comes in handy in client meetings, depositions, hearings, and medical appointments.

Multimedia Localization

This refers to the translation and localization of graphics, videos, documents, press releases, charticles, GIFs, info-graphics and animations — all of which can be grouped as multimedia. As more and more organizations are making multimedia content in order to increase their audience reach and engagement — localizing content is very much in demand. It can be tricky since translators need to ensure the content is appropriate for the target culture and will appeal to that region.

No matter what kind of translation services you require in South Africa, it is important to check the skillset and portfolio of the translation agency. Sometimes the translation can be a mix of two languages. Competent translation companies in South Africa will offer all these types of translation services.