Working out and exercising are key aspects of staying healthy and in shape. Our bodies require regular physical activity to develop muscle and, when accompanied by a balanced diet and nutrition plan, workouts are a great way to achieve results.

It’s not easy to stay motivated to workout though, particularly when you find yourself doing the same exercises day in and day out. That’s why we have put together this quick guide to four of the main ways you can make your workouts different and interesting. Whether you’re based in a fitness studio in Islington or a home gym in Herefordshire, you should be able to apply these steps and add something special to your next exercise session.

Change Your Activity Order

First and foremost, consider changing the order of your workout activities. Every effective exercise session can be broken down into separate activities and switching the order that you usually do these activities can make the whole experience feel fresher and more interesting. In addition, when you change the order of your workout you often push the same muscle groups but in different ways, promoting balanced muscle development and a proportional body shape.

It’s these seemingly irrelevant changes that can make all the difference when you’re getting bored or feeling demotivated by your routine. When you’re having a blip in focus, switch a few activities around and enjoy the shift in challenge.

Change When You Workout

Even changing your daily routine and the times when you go for a workout can have an impact on your overall enjoyment. Humans are creatures of habit and before we even realise it, we often slip into the same daily routine. Whilst this is beneficial for ensuring that you get things done, it can also lead to dissatisfaction and boredom — both workout killers if you let them fester.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to change when you workout in the day. Try it in the evening, during your lunch break and early in the morning; alternate throughout the week and it will keep things much more interesting. Keep in mind though, there is evidence that certain times of day are better for working out when compared to others, so do your research before you go crazy.

Slow Down During Your Workout

One particularly effective yet regularly forgotten technique for changing up your workouts is simply doing things more slowly. Often, we view our workouts as a chore and in turn, rush them out as quickly as possible. This is definitely an effective method of building specific types of muscle, particularly during high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that focuses on high-energy, fast workouts. However, continuing to do this ends up getting old quickly.

Slowing down your workouts doesn’t just make the experience different; it also presents other benefits. Often, the increased time under tension that occurs when you slow down is just as beneficial as the number of reps or speed that you are working at. This means that not only will you be adding a different layer of challenge to your workout, you’ll also be benefiting your fitness goals in a completely different way.

Change Your Workout Altogether

Finally, and most obviously, why not change your workout altogether! If you have been spending every gym session tackling the weights, why not pick up running? There are plenty of jogging fitness plans out there to help you get started and you can begin mixing them in with your conventional workouts. Similarly, if you spend most of your time doing cardio on the treadmill, find a few weight-driven workouts that can start you off in a different direction.

Hopefully, this quick guide will have inspired you to do something different with your workout and keep going with your fitness and health journey. Motivation is difficult but with a little experimentation and change it can become a whole lot easier.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay