Graphic design is a huge part of marketing and it is the part of a marketing campaign which most people will see first hand. When it comes to creating the best possible marketing material for your brand this year there are a lot things to think of, and when you are sat in front of a blank screen it can be hard to gain inspiration. Today we are looking into some handy tips to make things easier for you.

Use idioms

The first step to a piece of imagery is an idea. For example, if you want to create a social media post, you need to think about ways to create something which is eye-catching and fun. Idioms can be a good way to generate some ideas for a graphic image and they can help you if you are stuck for ideas to grab attention. Let’s say you are a trading company: you can find idioms related to the word ‘trade’ such as tricks of the trade, and use this to make an image. Use words related to your brand to find phrases which can guide your content.

Use amazing colours

Colour is a huge thing when it comes to marketing and your images needs to stand out. Make sure that you make the effort to choose a good colour palette to use for your online marketing and try to stick to a theme for each campaign.

Keep fonts simple

Fonts can be very exciting when creating an advert, but unless you want your pop up banner stands to make no sense and be unreadable, you need to choose universal fonts which are easy to see. Great font examples can be Julius Sans, Montserrat and even something like Corbel. Take a look at a site such as dafont and download a few to test them out.

Align objects

Always make sure when creating a picture for your brand that you align your objects. Central and left or right alignment can make all the difference to the way a picture looks. If your image is off centre, people will notice this and it may put them off wanting to buy from you.

Add icons

Icons can be a great way to make a boring sentence look fun. If your marketing for a financial or corporate company it will feel as if you have no creative control, and to change this you can add icons to your text boxes to make them feel more like a graphic design instead of an essay. Anything you can do to make things look a little more exciting is a good thing.

Use images

Images are the best way to pull people into your content. It is always a good idea for you to use an image for your graphic design and integrate this with the picture. For example, think about overlaying an image with text and boxes and this will make it look more interesting and it will stand out much better on social media and on other channels too.

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