You know, I moved away from politics a while back; after running a Facebook following from June 2013, arguing against Britain’s membership of the European Union, I finally left it to stand, stagnant, on June 23rd, 2016. The day that should have been the United Kingdom’s Independence Day; the day that we took back our sovereignty; the day that restored the power on the political stage of one of the oldest democratic nations.

But now, I find myself feeling the need to enter the foray of incredibly messy, British political writing once more ─ because of Nigel Farage. Not for the reasons that most people of my generation would, mind. Farage had my vote in the general elections; he had my vote in the European elections; I was, regrettably, unable to vote this year ─ but again, he would have had my vote.

Why? Because Nigel Farage shares my interest in national pride. Not the kind that you see when members of the English Defence League are parading, with St. George’s Flags painted onto their face. No. The kind which realises that Great Britain has neglected her duty as one of the leading western powers, to set an example of a democratic society to other nations who have alternative and perhaps, less savoury political systems. Less savoury by our standards, anyway.

The problem as it stands is the fact that less savoury behaviour has, for a long time, been eroding the core of Westminster and the power seats of the realm. Population-influencing media outlets like the BBC, ITV, and more recently, Channel 4 News, have been attempting to control popular opinion. Control it in order to oppose the political status quo, that is. All in an attempt to rally the masses against Leave voters, Nigel Farage, and the newly founded Brexit Party. They have done so, in an attempt to reverse the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union; in essence, they have become democracy defiling organisations and appear to be delusional enough to think that this is acceptable.

With that in mind, I feel obligated to return to political writing because the organisations and political influencers of the country are going against the one principle that fuelled my prior writings: speaking the truth. Unfortunately for Farage, his entire mission has been anti-establishment, and he is succeeding. Due to his successes — originally with UKIP, now with the Brexit Party — an old Royal Air Force moniker portrays his reality, quite accurately: ‘when you start receiving lots of flak it means you are very close to the target’.

It’s true. Nigel Farage has, over the past few years shattered the Westminster bubble; bringing both the Conservative and Labour parties into disarray, and, arguably to their knees. Theresa May has announced her resignation and Jeremy Corbyn has lost all credibility, as have their political allies on the benches. And so, Farage is experiencing a lot of flak. But, on the 17th of May, the British public was exposed to the extent of the fear that the British establishment is feeling. They are pretty much quaking in their boots, at the foot of a lion-like figurehead in British politics, and at the sheer power of the popular vote. Channel 4 News, a media source that I, personally, have always respected for their relatively unbiased views when contrasted with the BBC and other outlets, published on their YouTube channel a vulgar segment.

The segment, which targeted Nigel Farage’s personal relationship with Arron Banks — a prominent funder of Leave.EU and UKIP during the European Referendum campaign — was nothing short of disgraceful.

The video, titled Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed, features the caption: ‘Channel 4 News investigation reveals how millionaire Arron Banks spent approximately £450,000 on Nigel Farage to fund lavish lifestyle the year following the EU referendum in summer 2016.’ And goes on to analyse the price of a driver, security, living costs, and various other personal expenditures.

The problem with this is … while it is acceptable to scrutinise donors of political parties once the electoral commission releases the respective figures, this particular — attempted — slur is aimed, entirely, at Nigel Farage’s personal dealings with his friend Arron Banks. A heinous act of sabotage by a once-respected broadcaster, showing their bitterness towards change and their pro-European Union, anti-Brexit slant. Subsequently, we have now met Channel 4’s skewed edition of democracy; yes, they have utilised their right to free speech, but only to discredit somebody who, it seems, stands accused of doing what is best for the British people.

Channel 4’s so-called ‘investigation’ had nothing to do with politics or party affairs, rather, it was an attempt to rabble-rouse and put a negative light on somebody who, to be quite frank, will most likely be seen as a hero of British politics. That will be posthumous if the mainstream trend remains in its current format; that of spinning a web of lies, or when the British establishment and media, in their current form, crumbles. And, it is crumbling.

It is time that the mainstream media and all who partake in it, in the United Kingdom, take a look in the mirror and address its faults. Democracy came calling, and it was answered. The majority voted to leave the European Union. It is now time to respect the process that founded our modern way of living, without which you would most likely not have the right to speak out as you do.

In June 2016, I wrote ‘Britain, it’s time to go home,’ during a period when Obama reigned supreme in the US and threatened the United Kingdom’s future transatlantic trade deals if we rebelled against the European establishment. We defied Obama, and we stood as a nation, albeit divided, in the face of European federalisation. And now, I urge you all to have faith in our Great nation’s ability to stand up and take control, the way we have done for hundreds of years.

I will finish with the quote that I finished the above article with:

‘Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival’. — Winston Churchill.

The successful implementation of Brexit is imperative for the survival of British democracy and sovereignty. Please, if you value our freedom as I do, do not attempt to defile it.

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