There is nothing quite like passing your test and buying your first car. This is an incredibly exciting time and you will be eager to get behind the wheel, but it is important that you take your time when buying your first car to make sure that it is right for your needs. Motorists often make the same mistakes when buying their first car — read on to find out what these are.

1. Lack of Research

Before you start visiting dealerships, you need to do your research and determine what your exact needs are. There are an enormous range of vehicles to choose from so you need to factor in aspects such as your budget, size, MPG, where you will be driving it, safety tech etc. Carry out research and think about your own needs to draw up a shortlist.

2. Not Factoring in Other Costs

When you are determining how much money you can afford to spend on a vehicle, it is crucial that you look at much more than the price tag. Motoring is expensive and there are various running costs that you will need to be able to afford, including insurance, road tax and fuel.

3. Not Getting the Vehicle Valued

You should always get car valuations carried out so that you can negotiate a fair price for the automobile. Getting a valuation gives you a position of power when it comes to negotiating and ensures that you do not end up overpaying massively.

4. Not Checking the Vehicle Thoroughly

Checking over a used car involves much more than looking at the bodywork and giving the tyres a kick. It is a detailed process so you need to be thorough in order to find vehicles which are safe and reliable. Checking the vehicle over should include a careful physical examination of the inside and out, taking the vehicle for a test drive, getting a vehicle history check carried out and making sure that the documentation matches the car.

5. Rushing the Purchase

Another common mistake is rushing the purchase. This could be due to excitement and/or pressure from the salesperson but it is important to take your time, shop around and make sure that the vehicle is within your budget and ticks all of the boxes. It is a major purchase which should not be taken lightly.

These are the most common mistakes that new motorists make when purchasing their first car. Avoid making these mistakes to find your perfect vehicle to start out with, making it one which you will get many happy years of motoring from.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay