Since the advent of computers, threats of hacking and malicious attacks have been on the rise. Every time, hackers keep on finding new ways to bypass security firewalls or exploit system vulnerabilities. This makes it necessary for IT professionals to acquire the right skills to enable them to identify, deter and neutralize such threats. One way to achieve this is by pursuing CompTIA certification in cybersecurity.

The foundation of this career path is the CompTIA Security+ Certification. This certification is performance-based and seeks to equip professionals with hands-on skills to combat cyber threats. It is trusted as the most preferred certification that is both DoD 8570 and ISO 17024. This is because it focuses on emerging trends and methods of risk management and detection of system intrusions.

Top reasons for CompTIA Security+ certification

If you want to stand out among your peers in the IT industry, the surest way is to have your knowledge and skills certified. This validates your expertise and will open opportunities for career growth. For instance, when you are Security+ certified, you can get additional duties in your current role. You could also coach fellow team members on various aspects of intrusion detection. Such a move could form a basis for promotion with the possibility of better pay.

On average, a Security+ certified IT professional is paid $72K per year. You also get to work with companies such as Lockheed Martin Corp, General Dynamics Information Technology Inc., and Northrop Grumman Corporation, among others.

Moreover, the IT industry is increasingly looking for certified professionals as technology changes and new roles emerge. This means that when recruiting, employers will prefer to go for certified employees to increase their chances of getting the quality of the workforce they are interested in. Therefore, if you are applying for your first job as a cybersecurity expert, this certification will be a plus.

Another reason to choose CompTIA Security+ certification is that it is vendor-neutral. This means that it is not bound to a specific technology, thereby allowing you to work in diverse environments. The problem of taking vendor-specific certifications is that your skills may not be applicable to other technologies. This can cause you to miss great opportunities to grow your career.

Achieving the CompTIA Security Certification

For you to be awarded this certification, you must pass the Security+ SY0-501 exam with a minimum score of 750. This exam has a maximum of 90 questions, which must be done within 90 minutes. It covers various topics such as cryptography, public key infrastructure, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, identity & access management, and architecture & design. You are required to pay $339 for this exam.

As you prepare for this course, it is important to consider resources that have been tried, tested, and found to be credible. Besides study materials provided by CompTIA, you can find quality sites such as ExamSnap that provide quality exam preparation materials at affordable rates. ExamSnap stands out as the place where you can get exam preparation resources for IT certifications that are designed by subject-matter experts.

Here are some training courses for CompTIA Security+ Certification that you will find useful:

CompTIA CertMaster Learn Security+

CompTIA CertMaster is a great online tool that provides you with a fun-filled learning experience. This interactive tool offers self-paced training through comprehensive learning content, videos lectures, flashcards, and games. These are based on all exam objectives so that you master the key concepts that are tested.

Some of the key features of this training tool include 40 hours of learning time, 447 scenario-based questions to test your understanding of topics covered, and final assessment with 90 questions. It also comes with a dashboard and countdown calendar to help you track your progress. This course comes at a cost of $499 and its access license is valid for one year.

ExamSnap SY0-501: CompTIA Security+ Video Course

This course is designed to complement text exam preparation resources such as books and practice tests. There are also those who don’t like to read and would rather go for lectures. Well, this course is the right pick for you then. It is about 19 hours long and has a total of 121 lectures.

Experts at ExamSnap have designed this course to cover 100 per cent of SY0-501 exam objectives. It is also highly affordable as it goes for only $14.99. For you to take this course, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of PCs and computer systems, and be familiar with CompTIA A+ or Networking+. If you’d like to make your preparation more efficient, you can get a premium bundle, which along with this training video course includes a premium file and a study guide. This great package is affordable at $39.97.

ExamCollection SY0-501: CompTIA Security+ Online Training Course

This course is highly rated as a great resource for those preparing for Security+ certification exams. IT industry specialists who have a great wealth of experience with CompTIA certifications are responsible for building it. This means that the course covers all the objectives of the certification.  Through its lectures, you are sure to master all the topics covered in Security+ certification. You need to pay about $28 for you to access this course.

PrepAway SY0-501: CompTIA Security+ Video Course

You can access this course as an individual product or as a part of the PrepAway SY0-501: CompTIA Security+ Premium Bundle. Besides this video course, the premium bundle comes with other equally useful resources such as an e-book and practice exams. If bought as a package, it will cost you about $30. However, if you only require the video course, you will part with about $9. This is a great price, especially if you are cash-strapped.


CompTIA Security+ is recognized all over the world as one of the foundational certifications that help IT professionals start careers in cybersecurity. Besides equipping you with the fundamental skills of cybersecurity, this certification enables you to advance your career towards better-paying roles. There are various handy online courses when preparing to sit for the Security+ SY0-501 exam. A number of valuable websites, such as ExamSnap for example, are at your disposal to make your preparation more efficient. Before deciding which online platform is right for you, consider the credibility of the providers of the study material as well as the costs involved.

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay