If you are eager to find out the business etiquette, then you are on the right track. This post will spill the beans of a successful businessman. It is a well-known fact that good manners are mandatory in business cooperation. Otherwise, you will not be able to conduct productive meetings and get desirable results. That is why many people appeal to various ways that could help obtain the needed qualities to hold a business meeting.

However, you have to understand that it’s not only the art of elocution which helps you to achieve the desired goal, but also the ability to control your behaviour and manners. You need to understand the key principles of business behaviour, and as a result, you will be able to reap the fruits of the effective business meeting. And Papercheap.co.uk have prepared the key points which will help you to succeed.

Business Etiquette for ‘Dummies’

First and foremost, you have to comprehend what the notion ‘business etiquette’ encompasses. What are the spheres of its influence? Is it the way of sitting? Maybe. Is it the manner of welcoming a person? Perhaps. Is it the way you are smiling? It could be.

It all starts in your head. Let’s imagine that you are going to meet with the president of the international bank next week. In this regard, you have to be ready for all possible inconveniences. What should you do first? Welcome the president. What do you have to ask? Some general questions (before proceeding with business affairs). Just do not limit your imagination and be ready to cope with obstacles. Such a practice will help you to ‘be on a hair-trigger alert’.


If you go into the room, you should say ‘Hello’ first (and do not forget about smiling). This rule always works, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, a top manager or an ordinary employee, an older person or a young man. If there are other people in the office, limit yourself to a common bow and greeting. Then you can shake hands with the person who has invited you.

When you are meeting someone (whether you have been introduced or you have introduced yourself), do not rush to give a hand. The one to whom you are represented should do it first. Remember: according to the business etiquette, kissing the woman’s hand is not accepted behaviour at an official meeting (taking into consideration the rules of secular etiquette, people kiss only the married women and only indoors).

If you are sitting, you need to get up at the greeting. But if for any reason you cannot get up (too crowded, for instance), greet other people while sitting, but apologize: ‘I’m sorry that I do not get up, it’s a little bit crowded here’.

Shaking Hands

If you approach a group of people and shook hands with one person, you need to shake hands with other people as well. It is not appropriate to shake hands across the threshold, table, or over the head of the person sitting between you. Obviously, one of the most complicated issues of business etiquette is whether it is appropriate to shake hands with a woman. The answer is a straightforward: yes. This handshake is no different from any other.

Ways of Making the Acquaintance

If you are surrounded by strangers, the key point is not to be embarrassed. Introduce yourself; do not wait to be introduced. When you are at a business meeting (conference, reception), do not immediately talk about your achievements and enumerate regalia. It is enough to indicate what you are doing and why you have come to the meeting or event.

Body Language

Non-verbal communication applies to psychology and good manners. For example, when talking to people, a person should not spread their legs widely, slouch, or hold their hands in their pockets.

We all know how body language can influence our impression of a particular person. And how it can make us hate someone. It is worth noting that basically, body language shows the level of education, mannerliness, and sociality. When a person can control their body language, it makes an impression that this person is really confident and intelligent.

You have to comprehend that business meetings require more efforts and knowledge. And body language has to be controlled as never before (if you want to hold a beneficial meeting, of course). So, take into consideration that the ‘fig leaf’ pose (palms closed in such a way that the hands form an inverted ‘V’ letter) indicates shyness and insecurity. If you make fussy movements, touch your face or hair, then you create nervous tension and distract others. Excessive gesticulation in conversation is not appropriate either. Gestures should be restrained — interlocutors can be confused by excessive expressions.

If you want to find out more about body language and peculiarity of gestures, go here. It’s beneficial to be aware of all the potential pitfalls.

Ending the Meeting

When leaving strangers, it is not necessary to personally say ‘Goodbye’ to everyone. And if you are leaving the event earlier than the rest of the guests, say ‘Goodbye’ only to the hosts of the meeting. Otherwise, your departure can serve as a signal that it is time to go home.

Leave-taking should be short. End the conversation politely, by means of universal phrases, such as ‘It was nice to see you’. If you need to leave the meeting earlier, wait for a pause in the conversation, stand up, and say goodbye, expressing hope for a new meeting.

Mobile Etiquette

If you want to use your mobile phone for business matters, you need to do it during business hours. On weekdays, such a time is considered to be from 9 am to 9 pm. Always turn off the phone during negotiations. The melody of the call should be neutral so that nobody can pay too much attention to it.

If your call is not answered, call back no earlier than in two hours — the owner of the phone will see the missed call and will likely call back themselves. It is impolite to wait for more than six beeps — it is better to hang up after the fifth ring.

And remember, in business, a great first impression and good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay