Stuck with finding good holiday ideas? These two options could be just what you and the family need to relax and have the best summer of your lives.

Vacation: Kefalonia

Kefalonia is part of the Ionian Islands that are located in Western Greece. It is the largest island in this group. People interested in visiting Kefalonia and seeking accommodation will find that it is an island that offers several contrasts with long stretches of blue sea and golden sand. It has rolling hills which are lush green, offering a dramatic view. Kefalonia accommodation will give you a taste of traditional architecture in a laid-back atmosphere. This place has a lot to offer, which is the main reason why visitors keep opting to come back and search for Kefalonia accommodation time and again.

Visitors can book their Kefalonia accommodation directly with some realtors on their websites. They can browse before visiting and list down the best beaches and the villages they can visit in the mountains. There are also many nature trails to follow. This island was given its name from the mythological character called Cephalus or Kephalos, meaning the natural head. The name fits, as it is the biggest of these Ionian Islands. Many airline companies have started operating from London to Kefalonia. This has made it easy for tourists to seek out bed and breakfast options to spend their holidays here.

When the tourists come to Kefalonia, they try to avoid hotels and look to stay in private apartments or villas to spend time on this exquisite island. It provides many visitors an opportunity to appreciate the environment and the tranquility the place has to offer through self-catering Kefalonia accommodation. There are many self-catering apartments for hire. The owners of these apartments could be contacted directly. These private apartments can become an ideal resource for visitors to Kefalonia. Some of these apartments are situated in the small coves above the Trapezaki Beach. The view of the Ionian Sea from these apartments is panoramic. The only sounds the occupants are likely to hear are of the waves lapping.

Kefalonia has been attracting visitors with its coves, beaches, and its warm hospitality. There are many summer offers, especially at the resorts for people who are seeking Kefalonia accommodation. This is one of the most beautiful islands with its rugged landscape and countless beaches. It has many fine inlets and bays. This place has been voted tenth among a league of world scenic beauties. Its pine forests and fishing villages along with peaceful resorts make it ideal for travellers seeking Kefalonia accommodation.

Kefalonia has become a very popular Greek holiday attraction. Its most famous beach is Myrtos with its golden sand, surrounded by rock cliffs. The filming of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was done here. Kefalonia has also become famous for its resorts. It reminds visitors of Tuscany. Of course, nothing compares with classic Italy holidays, but it does have the same sort of vibe. The restaurants by the bayside and the elegant cafes of the waterfront at Fiscardo will delight any tourist. Kefalonia accommodation at Fiscardo with its Venetian architecture will give a splendid view of yachts at the marina.

Kefalonia accommodation is available to people in a variety of cottages, retreats and villa suites. It offers a perfect vacation for couples and families. The private villas at Assos Village, in the northwest, offer a serene atmosphere. The private villas have swimming pools of their own and they are perfect for visitors who are looking for privacy and comfort. Couples who are looking for honeymoon Kefalonia accommodation will find many luxury villas with ideal romantic settings from where the couple can see the panoramic view of the sea near the Myrtos Beach with its stunning sunsets. The families who visit these villas will also not forget the relaxed moments that they get to spend here.

It is quite easy for any traveller to visit Kefalonia to see its natural beauty and lush green landscapes. The apartments and studios offer many accommodation opportunities to tourists with quality services. Tourists can book their budget or luxury accommodation at Kefalonia and enjoy all the incentives and special offers available from many property rental agents and realtors. They can also book cars, yachts or boat cruises. There are several budget travel packages offered to Kefalonia from Greece and Italy.

Staycation: South Downs

South Downs is an extremely popular tourist place. It covers a large area of West Sussex, East Sussex and Hampshire. It has received huge recognition because of the wealth of natural beauty it has to offer. From the chalky headlands to the densely wooded areas; the sights are diverse but all as equally magical in their own right.

The great thing about South Downs is the fact that because it is spread across such a vast area, you have access to a wealth of different cities, towns and villages whilst staying in the area. This is excellent, because it means that you will be able to find the perfect place to reside in relation to your wants for your holiday. Nonetheless, you are also able to visit other places and explore.

Eastbourne is undoubtedly one of the most loved places in the area. This is a place that has so much to offer. You have bustling nightlife, an array of great eateries and plenty of shopping opportunities. The area itself has a vibrant ambience as well, which is something a lot of people remark on. Nonetheless, in relation to South Downs it is in an ideal area because you get to be in close proximity to the dramatic white cliffs at Beachy Head. People from far and wide travel to see this stunning vision and it definitely does not disappoint.

Because of the sheer diversity on offer, South Downs tends to be a place that is frequently visited by large groups of people. Families love visiting the area because it is peaceful and tranquil and presents them with lots of fun things to do. Nonetheless, people often go in big groups of friends because there is something for everybody to enjoy in the area; this is truly a holiday that pleases all.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on visiting anywhere in South Downs in a large group you need to make sure you are mindful regarding the accommodation you select. A lot of people tend to look for hotels merely by default mode. However, if you do this you will be missing out on a massive opportunity. There are lots of fantastic cottages available all over the South Downs area and these are magical, to say the very least.

One of the best things about staying in these cottages is undoubtedly the fact that you will get to take advantage of some of the most magical views. After all, that is what South Downs is all about. Nevertheless, one of the main benefits in relation to staying in a cottage for big groups is that you will have a much more comfortable stay. You can find cottages that house a large number of people, whereas in hotels you tend to be restricted to three or four people maximum. This can really restrict the amount of fun you have. Plus, cramped hotel rooms prove to be difficult for families with young children.

South Downs is undoubtedly a place that is going to provide you with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Nonetheless, make sure you use the advice that has been provided in this article to ensure you make the most of your vacation.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels