Over the years, we have come to accept a lifestyle that puts work ahead of our own wellbeing. We see it as perfectly normal to work through lunch and then stay late to catch up with more work, and then probably answer emails when we get home, giving us little to no time to focus on our own physical and mental wellbeing.

This lifestyle is having a severe impact on our health but for a lot of people, it’s difficult to avoid because that’s what their job demands and they can’t afford to lose it. That’s why it’s important for the change to come from businesses, not their employees. Aside from the health aspect, improving work-life balance is good for business anyway because happy and healthy employees are far more productive. If you own a business, you have an opportunity to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, if you make these simple changes around the workplace.

Track Employee Hours

So many people are working far more hours than they’re actually contracted to because they’re staying an hour after work each day or coming in a bit early to get a head start. That means that even though they think that they’re working 40 hours, they might be nearer 50 or 60, plus anything that they’re doing at home. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep track of people’s hours and ensure that they’re not overworking themselves. You can try a timesheet app like this one by Deputy UK so employees can clock in and out on their phones every time they’re in the office. That way, you can build a more realistic picture of just how many hours people are working and if they’re working far more than they should be, you can manage their workload to ensure that they have enough free time for themselves.

Enforce Time Off

Some employees don’t like to take time off because they’re stressed about missing out on work and having to catch up. But if people aren’t taking regular breaks, their health is going to suffer, which is why you should enforce it. If you make it compulsory for people to take all of their holiday days each year, you can be sure that they’re actually getting a proper break from work every now and again. You should also have a strict policy in the office that people should not be contacted while they’re away, otherwise, they’re just working from home rather than taking a holiday.

Be Flexible With Hours

Not everybody needs to work 40 hours every week to get everything done, so you should be more flexible with hours. If people have commitments in the morning like the school run, for example, just let them come in an hour later so they’re not rushing around in the morning. You shouldn’t just think in terms of hours worked, think in terms of output. As long as people are getting all of their work done, you don’t have a problem.

These simple changes around the workplace can make a huge difference to your employees and ensure that they have a healthy work-life balance.