Somehow we find ourselves already over halfway through the year. The time is flying by and whilst we would sometimes like to call a halt to it, it reminds us that the days do slip by and it is up to us to really make the most of them. This is why we have come up with 7 experiences to have in 2019. They are all about broadening horizons and having new experiences, as we know that they can be invigorating. It is good for us to try new things and they can open us up to new possibilities.

With this in mind, consider this your remainder of 2019 bucket list. How many of these can you tick off in the next few months?

Learn something new

When was the last time that you learned something completely new to you? Something that you actually wanted to learn and not had to through either education or work?

This one can be as small or as big a goal as you wish to make it. You might go big and enrol to complete a degree or postgraduate studies, studies that you have always wanted to complete. Or perhaps you are simply going to pop over to YouTube and search out a series of tutorials on drawing animation. There are so many options in between, from online courses to local classes to friends showing and teaching you a new skill.

Have a think about the things that you’ve always wanted to know how to do. Perhaps you want to learn to speak Italian? Maybe you want to take up crochet? or it might be photography that has always sparked an interest in you? Choose something that you feel passionate about and take a look around at the options available.

Don’t overthink it, just do it, what have you got to lose? Yet you have so much to gain, as along with acquiring that new talent, you will be building your own confidence and reigniting your love of learning.

Take a city break

There is a great wide world out there and it beckons. The temptation to travel gets a hold of all of us at some point, and we will all be pulled in different directions. We want to see it all and experience everything. One of the most accessible and affordable ways to get out and see some of it is by taking a city break.

With destinations such as Rome, Paris, Prague, Dublin, Bucharest, Oslo and Barcelona mere hours away, there is bound to be somewhere to attract you. If you are not too set on the where, just the when, then choose by looking for the best deals possible and setting off on whichever adventure jumps out at you.

We often do these in just a long weekend, so make sure that you maximise your time by putting in a little research before you go, by having slick and easy airport transfers in place with companies such as and booking attractions and reservations ahead of time.

7 New Experiences To Have In 2019

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Take up a reading challenge

This is something for everyone. Whether you are a prolific reader or you have barely picked up a book all year, you can raise your game by taking up a reading challenge.

There are so many benefits of reading that we should all have this one on our list of to-dos for this year. Reading improves your memory and concentration, it reduces your blood pressure and eases stress and anxiety, it fuels your imagination and encourages greater empathy, it improves your literacy and boosts your chances in education. Some reports also claim that it can even help you to live longer.

By taking part in a reading challenge, it will help to keep you motivated and reading. You might sign up to read a book a month, or perhaps you will take up a challenge by type. You might try reading a number of classics this year or branch out into genres that you do not normally try, authors that you have not read before.

Whatever challenge you opt to do, look for the community that surrounds it online. You could try an online website like GoodReads or social media. There is an active book reading community over on Instagram where reading challenges abound. So pick one, join in, and share your progress.

Connect with nature and animals

There are so many ways that you can do and interpret this one. It has so much freedom and flexibility in it that we can all try it. This on has the ability to make a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.

Studies show us that connecting with nature and spending time with animals is good for us. It can be great for our physical health as we get outside into the fresh air, the sunshine, exercising as we explore nature, go birdwatching or walk our dogs. The effects on our wellbeing and mental health can be ever greater, with proponents claiming that owning pets naturally reduces stress and anxiety at the same time as boosting happiness.

To get this one ticked off your list, you might choose to arrange a hike in your local hills or mountains. If this is too much, a stroll around your local nature reserve is likely to work wonders for you as you revel in the peace and quiet. Aim to do this as often as you reasonably can, and know that once you have made time for it, you will likely continue to do so as you start to see the benefits.

If it is possible, if you have the time available, then become a pet owner. If this is impossible, then spend time with furry friends close to you or volunteer at a local animal centre.

Go and watch a sport that is new to you

Whether you are a big sports fan or not, book yourself tickets to go along to a sporting event that is completely new to you.

You might have always fancied going to a football match, then do it, the season is about to commence once more. Perhaps horses have always had a pull for you, so head to the races or a showjumping event. Maybe the idea of a slow, sunny day at the cricket appeals, then try it. Your decision might be driven by whatever is local to you, there might be a team that do well near to where you live and you have yet to find out more.

This might be a one-off fun experience, or it might be the start of a new hobby, either way it will have been a success.

There is something special about being in a crowd, all cheering people on together. There can be a sense of camaraderie, a feeling of being a part of something bigger than you. This can also be a route into a completely new interest for you, a new branch of your social life.

7 New Experiences To Have In 2019

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Take up yoga

Yoga is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the world, and yet so many of us haven’t tried it. So make 2019 the year that you finally get around to giving yoga a go.

Yoga is one of those activities that is suitable for absolutely anyone to take up. There are many different types and levels of difficulty, but at its centre is that fact that it is accessible to all ages and abilities.

It helps to increase your strength and flexibility and works to improve your heart rate, circulation, energy and metabolism. It should help you to lose weight if that is important to you and it will serve to boost your immune system.

Yoga is also one of those activities that is free to take up, in your own home. Just check out YouTube for thousands of free tutorials and you can start this one today.

To give yourself a bigger boost, take your yoga session outside.

Book a relaxing holiday

This one needs to be completely tailored to your own needs, focusing on how you relax and unwind.

So you might like to book yourself a lazy, lounging about type of holiday. Go somewhere where you can lie around on white, sandy beaches and enjoy pool service at your hotel whilst you fully recharge. Food can be prepared for you each night, no need to cook, no need to clear things away. You can have long lie-ins each day, no need for alarm clocks.

Or perhaps you can only really relax when you are ‘doing’. Maybe you need to be exploring, taking in the sights and sounds of somewhere new. Perhaps you prefer to self-cater, be entirely self-sufficient, enjoy the leisurely process of cooking for yourself. You could be up at dawn for a long run and then sketching or writing by breakfast time.

If this all sounds wonderful but you simply do not have the funds for a holiday, then have a relaxing staycation. Read books all day, watch films in bed, get out exploring the cities and countryside near to you, amble around with your dog and indulge in your favourite food.

It is your break so it needs to be all about you, and how you can relax.

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