Leading MPs have started to fire cheap shots left right and centre. It appears Johnson and Co. have ran out of legitimate political arguments to use against Corbyn in what has descended into a battle of insults and media attacks.

When the Conservative Party themselves tweet a picture to KFC of Corbyn dressed as a chicken stating: ‘we’ve found an even bigger chicken than you’, you must wonder what their tactics have become. They’re brandishing Corbyn as a coward over his wish for a no-deal Brexit to be off the table before a general election, but these social media attacks just scream desperation to make people see him as unelectable. If the Conservatives have any faith in their politics, then surely, they should trust that people will make their own minds up about that without the need to influence twitter users with tweets to a fast food company.

It has become increasingly evident that the Government feel they are above democracy, especially when Gove stated that if the Opposition were to bring in legislation to stop a no-deal Brexit he would have to ‘see what the legislation is’ before agreeing to abide by it. When a man who is responsible for advising the Prime Minister on policy refuses to state that at the very least the Government will abide by the law, then we have reached a dangerous position as a democracy.

You would think the expensive education he has received as well as the (I’m sure) considerable media training, would lead him to know better than to state this on national television, — but no. This serves as a perfect example of their dangerous and uncoordinated approach to Brexit. Our MPs don’t know what is going to happen just as much as the rest of us.

The Conservatives love to reiterate that in delivering Brexit they are holding up democracy, since 52 per cent of those who were eligible and chose to vote in the referendum voted to leave the EU. This excludes 1.4 million young people who would now be eligible to vote, compared to the 2016 referendum. But regardless, a small majority did vote to leave, even though they did not vote specifically for a no-deal Brexit. Nor did they vote for this decision to be carried out in such an undemocratic and potentially unlawful way. They continue to paint themselves as the heroes, but in truth; Brexit started as and continues to be a Tory mess that they don’t know how to clean up.

The epitome of the arrogance and self-importance some MPs feel, came when Jacob Rees-Mogg felt it was appropriate to lounge along one of the front benches in Parliament during a debate. A longstanding Eurosceptic and privately educated man, does he understand the implications of this issue for those barely surviving on a smidgeon of his millions? It certainly doesn’t look like he does. The fact that someone with the attitude of a lazy schoolboy has such a significant voice in this debate is frightening. I hope he paid significantly more attention at Oxford, although I highly doubt it.

We need MPs who feel the anger, frustration and fear of their constituents and voice this to Parliament with passion and genuine care, — something which is unfortunately lacking from many of the top MPs.

Watching events unfold in the Commons is fascinating if at times unbearable. These are the people who have been entrusted to deliver Brexit and they promised to do it with strength and stability. A slogan which has become laughable. The least we can expect from them now is respect for the people they are representing, and to not conduct themselves like primary school children in a playground shouting match. After all, in the words of their previous, sometimes loved sometimes loathed leader Margaret Thatcher: ‘If they attack you personally it means they have not a single political argument left’.

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