Take a glance at the news, and you will see that the world is changing quicker than ever before. The countries that once led the world in social values, production and culture have given way to political chaos. Keeping track of who’s leading the pack can seem like an impossible task, as well as where you belong in it.

It can be even harder to keep track of which country is on top when you consider the state of the news media. For many people, trusting the media to tell you who are the most powerful countries in the world is a fool’s errand. People believe the media will just say whatever they want to; they’ve abandoned the truth.

Right now, things can seem hopeless for the average person. Yet, it’s important to remember that you can still find fulfilment and success in your life, even as the world falls into chaos. You are not your country, but if you know which is the most powerful, you can make better decisions about how to live your life.

And to learn which countries are the most powerful, just keep reading below! We examined the state of several nations to find out which stands above all the rest!

The United States is Still One of the Most Powerful Countries

For several decades, geopolitics has been in a unipolar power system. The United States led the rest of the world through its economic power, its cultural dominance, and its political vision. With America’s influence, the world turned towards democracy and markets thrived throughout the world.

Yet, things changed after the 2016 election and Donald Trump entered the office of President. Since then, the country’s values have fundamentally shifted towards far-right, oligarchical policies. Power condensed around a select few individuals who accumulated massive amounts of wealth, and now the government is at their whims.

Negotiating with the United States means negotiating with invisible, powerful individuals hiding behind a sham government. And the situation is getting increasingly dangerous as the United States struggles to maintain its prominence.

Its Power is Waning Due to Its President

As a response to the United States’ new crisis, its allies have begun abandoning it. This resulted in a significant loss of international influence and a smaller role for the United States on the global stage. Since Donald Trump was elected, people stopped turning to the U.S. as an idol of what the world can accomplish.

Luckily, several nations recognize that the president does not represent the nation. Some major countries and international organizations have said that they withhold judging the country until after the next election. There is still hope that the U.S. can reclaim its international power, but only if it resolves its current crisis.

Domestic Power Struggles Cause National Disillusionment

Part of that national crisis is a domestic power struggle that is threatening to open power vacuums in individual states. The Republican Party resorted to undemocratic tactics that run counter to the country’s values to stay in power. The party gerrymandered voting districts, passed oppressive voting legislation, and is working to control the country’s people.

As a result, several leftist groups began mimicking the republican’s political tactics of subterfuge and intimidation. The end result is an increasingly dangerous clash between two ideologies. One is fighting to preserve old American values, and the other is fighting to institute new ones.

Immigration is a National, as well as a Local, Focus

The central issue around many American controversies is immigration. The country that was founded by immigrants is now rejecting them at the border. It’s becoming less a refuge for the desperate, and more like a graveyard for them.

New policies enacted by Donald Trump have created dangerous concentration camps at the country’s southern border. He is open to accepting people from Europe and elsewhere through programs like ESTA. Yet, people from other countries may have a much harder time getting in.

The United Kingdom Face Similar Controversies

While the United States is facing its own crisis, the UK faces a similar one. The country was rocked by the recent Brexit vote, and legislators in the country have squabbled to enact it safely. It’s increasingly likely that the UK will face a hard Brexit.

As the date draws nearer, the Government is also losing more control over the situation. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently called to suspend Parliament so that it couldn’t create a soft Brexit deal. And that decision is making its way through the country’s courts to determine whether it’s legal.

The country isn’t facing as existential a threat as the US. Yet, it still stands to lose its position as a cultural and economic European powerhouse as it barrels out of the EU. And for many British people, the thought of losing that is frightening.

Russia is Emerging as a Force to be Reckoned With

Russia has always been in the shadow of the international community. While the country was always respected as a leader for the Slavic people, few accepted that it had a significant role to play in the modern era. The country failed to adopt western values as the U.S. spread its ideologies after World War II.

As a result, Russia was left without a role to play. Yet, that’s changed in recent years. After remaking its communist economy into an oligarchic one and concentrating power around a handful of politicians, Russia is poised to change the world.

The success of the EU had threatened the country’s control over its satellite states, like Ukraine and Poland. People in those countries began to believe in the European vision of the future, instead of the Russian one. As a response, Russia sewed internal turmoil in those countries and poised itself as their saviour.

This was mostly accomplished through cyberwarfare, like disinformation campaigns or outright hacking. Now, Russia is waging cyber-warfare against other world powers as it seeks to renew its role in the international community. It’s sewing internal chaos around the world, and it’s becoming a threat to global stability.

The World is Changing, So Prepare for It

Things are bleak right now as the most powerful countries in the world face ultimatums in almost every facet of society. For countries everywhere, it can be hard to tell who’s an ally and who’s an enemy. The future can seem hopeless for world powers.

Luckily, you’re not a world power. You’re a person, with your own life and your own future ahead of you. Just because countries may face turmoil doesn’t mean you must face it too.

Instead, you can watch the world struggle with itself from the comfort of your screen. And for that, we’re here. Keep reading on our website and we’ll make sure you stay updated about the latest in geopolitics!