The UK is in a state of flux. We know not whether we are coming or going, and considering the recent ruling by the EU that the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan is still a way off being acceptable, who knows when this whole thing will end?

Not us, at the least. But instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, you can still make the most of your EU membership before October 31st. Or you know, whenever something is agreed, be it this year, next year, or never.

For the younger generation who have only had a few years of EU membership to take advantage of, it feels like their rights are being stripped away. It’s not their fault the majority of the country voted Leave. And, for many who are just entering adulthood, they believe their chance to enjoy the benefits the EU brought is no more.


Despite mainland Europe and fellow EU countries being so close, many travellers have decided to spend their gap year in Southeast Asia or on a road trip across the US. Closer to home, though, there’s a vast spread of culture from Calais to Croatia that, while not impossible, will be complicated when leaving the EU.

If you’re under 25 and have the funds, you can make the most of it by purchasing an Interrail pass, which allows you to get on basically any train across 31 countries and 40,000 destinations. You can travel without it, but with such little time, Interrailing makes the most sense.

Work and Study

The freedom of movement allowed UK nationals to work and study anywhere in the EU. An opportunity such as this was incredibly beneficial for those who wanted to experience a different culture while still making money or completing their schooling.

It might be too late for those who have already started University this year, but if you work for a multinational firm, the chance might still be available. With such uncertainty, you might not be out there long. But even a few weeks in a brand new environment can teach you so much that you may not get the chance to experience that for a long time.


The NHS is a spectacular institution despite staff and budget cuts. It’s a pillar of what makes the UK great, but unfortunately, it can’t do everything. For specific diagnoses and treatments, you might need to venture out of the country to help you get better.

For example, you can take advantage of Covidien Germany treatment for both major and minor issues. If you have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), you are entitled to treatment while travelling through the European Union. This treatment could come in useful if you suffer an accident when on holiday or visiting friends abroad.

With the Time That’s Left

Yes, this whole Brexit hullabaloo is an easy way towards an aneurysm. But instead of getting down about your future, there’s still time to embrace the benefits while they are still available. Who knows, there might be a second referendum or general election (or both) and the whole thing will be cancelled. However, no one ever regretted making the most of the opportunities available to them, so why should you?