Considering buying a used car? If so, good idea. Though they’re not as flashy as brand new vehicles, second-hand autos tend to boast better value retention. Why? Put simply, a car typically suffers a drop in value of up to 50 per cent within the three years after it’s been made. Buy an older model, therefore, and you stand a better chance of being able to sell your car later on.

But before you do, it’s important to consider the three following points.

1. Engine size

When it comes to buying an auto, engine size is crucial — and this applies specially to second-hand vehicles. After all, you’ll no doubt want to save as much money as possible if you’re choosing to buy a used car. If you’re a seasoned driver, you’ll likely already know that a smaller engine is designed to consume less fuel than a larger one. In contrast with older designs, newer cars typically run off smaller engines — so, you may want to consider this when choosing your make of used car.

2. Petrol, diesel or hybrid?

Petrol or diesel? It was once the perennial question among new and experienced drivers — but within the past decade, a new power option has burst onto the market: hybrid. So, which out of the three is best? Most often, the answer is hybrid. Though they usually cost more to buy, hybrid cars are designed to guarantee cheaper running costs. Better still, they offer an environmental advantage over petrol and diesel vehicles.

As you’re going to be buying second-hand, you may be able to secure a used hybrid for less than a new one. True, petrol cars are generally less economical than diesel models – however, the latter often costs more than petrol when you come to fill up.

3. Car dealership

For a successful deal, you’ll first need to find a reliable dealership for used cars. Though it may sound obvious, you’d likely be surprised at how many people jump into a transaction without having performed a background check on the seller. All trustworthy dealers within the UK work within the Consumer Rights Act — and this ensures a high standard of customer protection. You can select a dealership with complete confidence by heading onto The Motor Ombudsman website, which only recommends expert vehicle services.

Used cars generally offer a cheaper alternative to new models — and with these top tips, you can secure one that’s right for you.

Image by Jay George from Pixabay