Whether you’ve been with your partner for ten years or ten weeks, there is nothing quite like date night. You both get dressed up in your finest attire, and head out to a beautiful first-class restaurant or bar to share a memorable evening. However, date nights aren’t always a regular occurrence, so when you do go out with your significant other it’s important to head somewhere that’s going to woo them. If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve noted down some of the best ones here for those romance lovers!

A river cruise

If you live in the city (or in a town with a river, lake, or, well, body of water) then why not make the most of the stunning landscapes from a boat? Not only will your date be made a hundred times more romantic by the beautiful views from the water, but there are plenty of high-end river cruises with luxurious bars to make your trip a memorable one. Just be sure to wrap up in the winter!

A spa and relaxation evening

When you think of visiting a spa, you rarely think that date night is the most suitable time to head there. However, you can get half-day access to many spas, and some of them stay open until around 10pm, which is ideal for an evening with your partner. Not only does this help you to unwind after a busy day, but it’s also super romantic, and it’s one of those things that everybody enjoys.

A theatre trip

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a trip to the theatre. It’s a great excuse to get all dressed up for the evening, and there’s still something highbrow about going to see a show. Grab some last-minute theatre tickets, order a gin and tonic at the theatre bar, and get ready for an interesting evening enjoying the arts. Your partner will love this, especially if you think about the specific show they will enjoy the most.

A boutique hotel

If you really want to go all out on date night, then why not book into a boutique hotel for the evening? The British countryside boasts so many traditional manor houses and estates that are worth visiting, and you won’t regret an evening unwinding in the countryside. If you don’t have time to travel far away, then you can always find these little pockets of relaxation on your doorstep, too.

A quirky bar

OK, so there are plenty of bars around in every town and city, but there are more quirky speakeasies popping up every day, and we’re a big fan of these. Whether you go to an ice bar or an underground tavern that you can only gain access to with a secret password, say goodbye to your regular drinking holes in favour of something a little more unique. You’ll be glad that you did (and they’re super Instagram-friendly).

So, if you want to go on a high-end date night with your partner (or potential partner) then keep these things in mind!

Photo by Jodie Louise from Pexels