Certain jobs around the house should be left to a professional tradesperson. But there are other repairs which most homeowners should be able to tackle without much difficulty. Let’s assess a few of the more DIY-friendly tasks.

Unblocking Sinks

Over time, hairs, oils and bits of food will accumulate in the pipes just beneath a sink. These can be broken apart and flushed away using an appropriately caustic solution. You can come up with your own cleaning solution via a combination of baking soda and vinegar, these react when they combine creating a foam that’ll break down blockages (and smell terrible). On the other hand, you might go for a shop-bought sink unblocker.

Sealing Cracks

When cracks start appearing in your walls, it might be tempting to call in a plasterer. However, this is something that can usually be addressed with a smear of Polyfilla (or some similar product). Allow it to dry flush from the crack, and then sand it down to the right level. You might find you need multiple passes with fine sandpaper to achieve the right result.

Sealing Bathrooms

Around your bathroom you’ll have strips of rubbery white stuff between tiles, tubs and sinks. This sealant is there to prevent moisture from soaking into the surrounding walls. Over time, however, it may attract unsightly black mould.

When this happens, it’s time to cut it out with a Stanley knife and clean the area with paint stripper. Then apply tape to both sides of the gap and squeeze in a long strip of sealant using a gun. Wipe away any excess and peel off the tape before it dries. You should be left with a nice, clean line of new sealant.

Fixing Doors

Over the course of a door’s lifespan, it’ll naturally be dragged downward by gravity. This will tend to mean that it gets pulled away from the topmost hinge, so that it eventually scrapes against the floor or the opposite edge of the frame. You can usually get around this by simply tightening the topmost hinge. In some cases, you might want to swap the existing screw for a longer one – it’ll penetrate deeper into the frame, and thus keep everything in position for longer.

What Tools Do I Need?

There are certain tools, common to a range of home-repair activities, which every household should have to hand. These include screwdrivers (both flat and cross-head), as well as drills, rawl plugs, spanners and paintbrushes. You can also pick up inexpensive, reliable tape measures from RS Components.

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