Not everyone can afford an attorney, or they might not need an attorney for an extended period of time. When this is the case, an individual may seek out assistance from a legal aide. But, how do you find a legal aide with the proper experience you will require in your case or filings? Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find a legal aide that will be perfect for you.

1. Visit a Nearby Law School

While they may not have passed the bar, many law students are able to practice law under the supervision of a professor. This has a two-way benefit as they are anxious to gain experience and you will likely be one of their only clients. In addition, the law students will be able to gain course credit for assisting your case. However, student practice rules can vary by state and it is important to look up your local laws. A simple phone call to a local law school should provide you with plenty of information to move forward in selecting a legal aide.

2. Contact Your State Bar Association

When it comes to finding out about all the attorneys and aides in your state, the bar association is one of the best places to look. They will keep extensive documentation on lawyers in your area and the best way to gain legal assistance for your budget. While they may not recommend specific attorneys, they will usually recommend next steps that you can take to try to find your solution. In some cases, they may let you know that you don’t need a legal aide and can move forward without their assistance. However, it is important to understand that contacting your state bar association may take some time as they handle a high volume of requests from both clients and lawyers.

3. Contact Friends and Family for Recommendations

While most legal issues are handled privately and your contacts may not want to talk about their personal issues, it is likely that they can help with a recommendation. This is usually a reliable route to take, as you will be able to trust your friends and families over a random review from a website. It is also important to note that they will not be able to share certain details of their case or any ongoing investigations. At the very least, most people will have had some experience with local attorneys and they may be able to help tell you which services or attorneys to avoid.

4. Price Attorneys

Before jumping the gun on the best attorney in your city, take a moment to price out different options. There are a myriad of websites that rank attorneys and allow you to type in different options that fit your situation. All lawyers receive different educations and backgrounds so you should try to find a match in your price range and with relevant experience.

5. Seek Out Small Claims Court

You do not necessarily need to retain an attorney to enter small claims court. While it is not ideal for handling large matters, it is well equipped for people with little experience in the courtroom.


6. Consider Self-Representation

This is not recommended by most legal professionals as you will have to endeavour copious amounts of research to tackle your case appropriately. Most attorneys even elect to find representation if they find themselves needing legal assistance. This can be a cost-effective option but the time involved will likely cut into your personal and professional life.

7. Contact A Local Law Firm

There are several law firms that don’t just offer attorneys to work their cases. Firms like Gold Coast Criminal Lawyer Rawlingslaw can offer specialized information on obtaining affordable legal assistance. The added benefit is you will be able to meet with someone face-to-face to discuss legal issues and how to continue with your case. This first step may seem intimidating to some but it is the method to get quick legal assistance as fast as possible.

Time is everything during a lawsuit or filing, so it is important to do what you can to give your attorney the jump on the opposition.

Image by TPHeinz from Pixabay