Save yourself, hire a lawyer.

Whether you are facing charges, looking to pursue legal action against another party, or entering an agreement, having a lawyer by your side is something you should always consider. If you are presented with a situation that could impact you legally (assuming it’s not something minor, like a speeding ticket), you may not have the expertise to protect yourself from harm or deceptiveness. In this post, we discuss situations where  consulting a legal expert would be in your best interest.

1. Divorce

Divorces can be nasty, and both parties should consider hiring a legal representative. Divorce cases involve complicated legal decisions that can have a significant impact on your life. Custody of your children, personal property, and your home are all at risk when it comes to divorce cases. Lawyers will fight for your side of the case, but they can also make great mediators when discussing distribution of your assets.

2. Cases involving driving under the influence

These are particularly complicated, and involve several different organizations. Not only do you have to fight against legal action in the courts, but your driving record at the Department of Motor Vehicles is also at risk. If charged with a DUI, the DMV will alert your car insurance provider, causing your insurance costs to skyrocket. DUI lawyers are experts at finding flaws in the case, which could ultimately get your case thrown out.

3. Criminal Charges

No matter how small the charge, it is highly advised to hire an expert criminal defense lawyer when facing accusations of criminal activity. Having a criminal record can hurt your chances of getting a good job, regardless of your qualifications. Criminal defense lawyers know how to navigate the court system, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the criminal charges you are facing. If you decide to hire a lawyer to fight your case, your chances of getting the charge dismissed increase significantly.

4. Will and Testament

Hiring a lawyer to draft your will can save your loved ones a headache, and prevent a legal battle after you pass away. Legal experts know the most common inheritance topics to cover, and can also serve as an unbiased witness to any legal document that is signed between the parties involved.

5. You’re being sued

This can happen in a variety of different ways, but most commonly involves some type of injury where a party is claiming you are at fault. Even if you are not present, you can be held liable for injuries that happen on your property. Another common incident that results in people taking legal action against you occurs when an injury is the result of using your product. In cases where another party is suing you, hiring a lawyer can save you from losing a significant amount of money, or even jail time.

6. Contracts between companies

Whether you are merging two companies, entering a contract agreement, or acquiring another company, hiring a legal expert who knows the jargon of business contracts is a must. Drafting legally binding contracts that are clear and concise takes expertise, and it is not likely that you will cover everything you need to if you decide to draft the contract yourself. This saves both parties from potential turmoil, and can result in greater success of all businesses involved.

7. When you know you are guilty of a serious crime

When you have committed a serious offence, and that you will be facing a significant amount of jail time, hiring a defense lawyer can help reduce your sentence. Even if you plan on pleading guilty, lawyers can debate your sentence and get the term reduced. They can also agree to certain terms in exchange for your guilty plea, like which prison you go to or what visitation rights you will receive. While it seems like a lost cause, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble by hiring a legal expert to represent you — even if you are found guilty.

Image by CQF-avocat from Pixabay